Finished Objects 2009, Knit Without Ceasing


January 011
It's been cold here. Cold, I tell you! And the kitchen table, which functions as my home office, is in the coldest corner of the house.

I wear layers, but my hands get very, very cold.

It's cold.

The other day I remembered seeing a pattern somewhere for fingerless gloves. I stopped at the yarn store in Freeport with the pattern, Fetching by Cheryl Niamath, as published on After consulting with the yarn lady, I came home with two skeins of RYC Cashsoft DK in a lovely lilac.

The pattern claims to be so quick as to give nearly instant gratification, and that was absolutely true. Although I had no time to knit on Thursday and only purchase the yarn on Tuesday, I am wearing a pair this morning!

January 007
At the suggestion of wise knitter, Ruth at woolyheaded, I abandoned the picot bind-off and instead casted off purlwise. I also added an extra cable repeat to the wrist, something she did not do on hers but recommended as a good change to the pattern. I love the way the cable repeat on the hand comes right at my knuckles. I went to bed last night wearing them! Probably unnecessary under the covers, but I didn't want to leave them and go to bed.

I've never managed to keep track of knitting projects in any sort of organized way, despite being a member of Ravelry, but this year I'll begin as I mean to go on. Wish me luck!

21 thoughts on “Fetching”

  1. They are beautiful! If I hadn’t cut my thumb, I would have finished my ordinary gloves by now (will try to finish them to wear to skating in the morning); I plan to make a fingerless pair next.

  2. Those look yummy in your favorite color, and what a welcome sight the Happy Lion is! It brought back good memories of your time here.

  3. These are really very lovely. I’d make them myself if I hadn’t already lost my heart to Eunny Jang’s endpaper mitts.
    I’m loving the way Ravelry not only helps me organize, but also lets me see what my friends find appealing. I’m learning that my friends have very good taste!

  4. LOVE those! I just crocheted a pair for myself that I’m not loving. They have half-fingers, which I thought would be warmer. But instead all that yarn is just bulky. I like the style of yours much better… Teaching myself to knit has just moved up on the to-do list.

  5. Ruby, I picked the mug for my coffee and my picture thinking of you!
    Phantom, where can I find that pattern? I’d like to see it. (Duh, Ravelry, right?)

  6. I tried to link to the non-Ravelry pattern, but Typepad ate it. Bad commenter, no links for you! But, yes, it’s on Ravelry, too!

  7. I see all your comments! They’re just hiccuping, not unlike teh Evil Haloscan the other day.

  8. They look so elegant and toasty! I haven’t tried the Fetching pattern yet. I do have some yarn I could use though. I love the color!

  9. I think you should make a pair in every liturgical color.
    Except green, since that’s about the only season in your part of the world without snow.

  10. I just saw several pairs of fingerless gloves at a yarn store I spontaneously wandered into today. (My husband had to go to the bank with his sister, and there was a yarn store across the street I’d never seen before.) If I’d read this post ahead of time, I might have bought a pattern.
    As it was, I just bought yummy silk/wool yarn for yet another scarf.

  11. Oh, those are lovely! And you made them so fast!
    Every time you show something you’ve knitted you make me want to learn. But I’ve never managed to get past casting on.

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