Friday Five

Friday Five: HGTV Edition

As posted by will smama at RevGalBlogPals:

As some of you may know I am in the midst of my first home purchase. It
is a new-build and so some of the fun was picking out upgrades and
major decor items to my taste rather than walking into a previously
owned home that needed to be upgraded room by room (pink and teal tiles
in the bathroom, anyone?). As much as decorating is not my thing, I did
try to embrace the moment because just how many times do you get to
have a do-over on kitchen cabinets/floors/countertops?

And so, my questions to you this fine Friday involve your home past, present or future…

1) If you could, what room in the place you are currently living would you redo first?

We redid the whole house, at least in terms of paint and floor re-finishing, when I moved in almost 11 years ago, but some aspects of the kitchen were delayed. I would really like to finish the job in the kitchen.

2) What is the most hideous feature/color/decor item you have ever seen in a home?

The sunroom in this house had been for years painted a brown so brown that — well, this is a family blog, so we'll call it chocolate, but really, it was worse than that. And the trim? Orange. Truly horrifying.

3) What feature do you most covet? Do you have it? If not, is it within reach?

Oh, in fantasy land, I covet a whirlpool bathtub, in a bathroom I don't have to share. That is nowhere like in reach.

4) Your kitchen – love it or hate it? Why?

This house, built in 1928, doesn't have the kind of kitchen we see as the norm nowadays. That's the one thing in this house I wish were different, and it may be why I've never finished the kitchen renovations, because I can never get it to be what I would have really liked. The square footage is too small, and there was no practical way to expand the footprint of the house to make the change. We considered opening up between the kitchen and dining room but decided not to go that far, since it would have meant the loss of a lot of cabinets. But looking back, I wish we had.

5) Here is $10,000 and you HAVE to spend it on the place you are living now. What do you do?

Why, thank you, will smama! I think I'll open up the wall between the dining room and the kitchen! The dining room gets sun all day long and would light up the kitchen. We eat in there when we are all home anyway. The kitchen has always been too small to eat in for more than one or two people at a time.

I'll be daydreaming now. Go about your business. Nothing to see here.

Why do you think there was such a surplus of ugly bathroom tile colors
showcased in all homes built from the 1950's right through the early

Oh, another question? Hmm. Bad taste? After all, there were other yucky things in those days, too.

All the best as you move toward and into your new home, will smama!

13 thoughts on “Friday Five: HGTV Edition”

  1. I know exactly the color brown you’re referring to. It’s also bad with turquoise countertops, incidentally.
    Like your idea of opening up the kitchen. One of the best features of the kitchen we’re in now is that it’s open to the dining room with a nice large island acting as a divider. It takes up only about 15 square feet, I’m guessing, and provides lots of storage.

  2. Oh yeah, seen that paint color, lived with it in a rental. Made me squeamish it did.

  3. I’ve never been quite sure whether the small kitchens in homes of that era are because there were servants, or weren’t! I think maybe both, in different houses. Also may have had something to do with the advent of gas/electric ranges rather than the big old wood or coal stoves. Anyway, I hope you can figure out a way to light up that kitchen!

  4. that sounds like an “amazing” sunroom! your new kitchen sounds fabulous!
    wonderful play!

  5. Hope you get to do something with your kitchen someday… old houses do highlight different living priorities don’t they!

  6. I am pondering the decision-making process of the people who had a nice sunroom in their house and decided to turn it into a cave by painting it, uh, chocolate brown. With orange?? Oh the humanity!

  7. brown and orange? oh dear. Sounds similar to the color scheme of the master suite when I moved into my condo–brown bathroom and gold bedroom. that’s a big no–it changed the same week I moved in!

  8. oh my… chocolate is a good color for the dog, but not other things indeed! paint… paint… paint…

  9. chocolate is an excellent color for chocolate…and dogs…and skin….but not rooms, or so I think…I love old houses but they do tend to come with small kitchens…sigh…

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