Chez Songbird

I am soooo old.

Songbird (reading from Rolling Stone online): "When Barack Obama moved into the White
House on January 20th, he gained access to five chefs, a private
bowling alley — and a killer collection of classic LPs."

Light Princess: What are LPs?

Songbird: Records. They're records. Long-playing records.

Light Princess: Oh.

Songbird: Like on "Lost," at the beginning of the show the other night.

Light Princess (who has completely lost interest and is looking at me the way I imagine I used to look at people who discussed the good old days when they looked at stereopticon pictures or played music on the Victrola): Yeah. Cool.

Anyway, it makes her old mother happy to think of the President listening to Springsteen on carefully preserved vinyl.

16 thoughts on “I am soooo old.”

  1. Oh you mean those big black CDs??? (as I heard them described by a young person a few years back)
    Imagine, we had to actually call people on a phone from our houses when we wanted to talk to them!
    ANd shopping had to happen at a store!

  2. I still play mine!
    I love that Obama loves “Blood on the Tracks” and “Born to Run”!

  3. What Kathy said.
    And I only hope the collection has something as cool as Springsteen.

  4. If you’re old, I’m positively ancient!
    The Kid discovered the wonders of vinyl when he bought a stereo with a turntable at the church rummage sale last fall. It was funny how he marveled at how it all worked.

  5. Crumbs, *I’m* old, too. I grew up with little Disney records, but my parents also had an antique (but working) phonograph/Victrola that had to be wound up in order to play.
    Neat bit of trivia, there, about the WH record collection. Thanks for passing that on.

  6. (Oh yeah, and the point is not that my parents had the Victrola, but that I remembered and loved it, and liked listening to the record of someone or other singing “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary.”)

  7. JD, I will certainly say you are an Old Soul. I enjoyed playing my Dad’s 78s. He had the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Oklahoma–how many discs would that be? Lots.

  8. Do you all remember 45’s? I had so many of them. Also cassette tapes, I used to record songs off the radio? Rotary phones, you know those machines with the dial thingies on them.
    Yes I am so old.

  9. I just learned an interesting thing from my Sound for Image teacher – did you know that if you look at a record (LP or 45) under a microscope you can see the wavy lines of the frequency?! This is why digital sucks – there’s no proof that the music is actually there!
    –from someone young enough to have friends with parents young enough not to have owned records. *sigh*

  10. I love my LP’s and I also own a working 1912 Victrola (inherited from family, natch). “K-K-K-Katy” is a favorite!

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