Book #5: Why Jesus Makes Me Nervous

Why Jesus Makes Me Nervous
Friends, I've reviewed my #5 book as part of a discussion at RevGalBlogPals, so I would encourage you to go there for more details.

I've just finished reading Joy Jordan Lake's Why Jesus Makes Me Nervous: Ten Alarming Words of Faith. (No idea why the pictured cover uses a different subtitle, but I like the diving board image anyway.) Milton Brasher-Cunningham of Don't Eat Alone
recommended this book a few months ago–he and his wife, Ginger, know
the author–and because I found the title captivating, I ordered it.

Though short, this book runs deep. Each chapter explores an alarming
word of faith. At the end of the chapters you'll find a section of
discussion questions (entitled "Living into Those Alarming Words"),
four to ten for each word, which would be useful for personal
reflection or for use by a group. I could certainly imagine designing a
retreat or a ten session class around Jordan-Lake's material.

The real riches of the book come in the stories from Joy's life. A Southerner by heritage, she had
the experience of living in the Boston area as a graduate student and
pastor, and now lives outside Nashville. Having shared her experience
of being a stranger in a strange land (in my case a Virginian moving to
Maine), many of her thoughts have particular resonance for me.

I highly recommend it!

(This was really Book #6, but I haven't had a chance yet to review the real #5, hope to do it later this week.)