Two Things

On a quick run for coffee today, I listened to the NPR Religion Podcast, which contained an interview with the Right Reverend Gene Robinson, in an interview from about ten days ago. He shared some thoughts about praying at a public event, and you can hear them at NPR.

Meanwhile, I'm transferring pictures and documents from my hopelessly compromised laptop to the family desktop and praising God, among others, that we managed to find the operating system disks, finally, to restore the computer to a pristine state. Turning the house upside down felt good, but it turns out the disks were still in the Dell box, which kids had used first as a footrest and later as a shelf for books, etc., right IN THE COMPUTER ROOM.


3 thoughts on “Two Things”

  1. Don’t you just love it when you find things places like that…been there and done that!
    Hope the computer is soon restored to health!

  2. “the God of our many understandings”
    he is such a class act. Thank you for this link! awesome.

  3. Well, you had better luck than did I, but I think (lifting prayers) I’m back to normal.

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