Friday Five: Take Me, Baby, Or Leave Me

It's the Friday Five, as posted by yours truly at RevGalBlogPals:

Although written by a young man, this song from "Rent" became an anthem for women of a certain age ready to be taken on their own terms. Maureen and Joanne love each other, but they are *very* different.

Whether it's new friends or new loves or new employers, what are five things people should know about you?

1) I'm fond of purple, but I own a lot of pink electronic devices, because they just don't make these things in the color I want, a lovely lilac.

2) Although I've lived in Maine for over 20 years, my Tidewater accent occasionally surfaces, particularly in times of great emotion, extreme tiredness and mostly at a party.

3) All my conversations are anecdotal. After all, I am a preacher. I enjoy taking my time to get to the point. In a typical sermon you will hear about my dogs or my children or my own childhood in Virginia or my knitting or my husband's height or strength and their usefulness in my life, but not all at once.

4) I'm 5 feet tall, and a quarter of an inch. Please don't let that delude you into thinking I am a little girl. You'll regret it.

5) If you introduce yourself to me with first and last name, I will never forget it.

What should I know about you?

28 thoughts on “Friday Five: Take Me, Baby, Or Leave Me”

  1. I love #4, and so will Sisterfilms! (I think she might have 3/4″ on you).

  2. I too like purple and stories, and at 5’2″, I especially appreciate your statement, “Please don’t let that delude you into thinking I am a little girl. You’ll regret it.” Thank you!!

  3. Anyone who knows you can vouch that there is nothing little about your spirit!
    Lilac electronic devices would work for me, too. Pink, not so much.
    And could you someone endow me with your gift for names? I need it!

  4. wow! i’d love to be able to remember folks’ first and last names–very cool!
    a fabulous F5–thank you!
    i hope that soon they will come out with lilac gadgets for you! i’m not a fan of pink but i love having things that scream “girl!”

  5. I’m a name rememberer, too. And I love a good story– to hear it or to tell it.
    Off to do my own FF.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. lovely lilac… hmmm when will that technology and gadgetry catch on? perhaps you could start your own line of something-er-other…

  7. That’s interesting about your accent. Growing up in North Dakota, sometimes a trace of a German accent pops out with me!

  8. You should know that I’m going to cry when touched deeply in any way: happy, sad, mad, etc.
    I’m also short (well, not as short as you), and a name-rememberer, and my accent gets stronger in those very same circumstances!

  9. love #4, as a one who is 6′ tall there are times I want to be a little girl, but not often!

  10. This is a great FF, Songbird … and ditto to your answer to #4 (I beat you by 2… my grandmother was only 4’8″ and she, too, could have said the same thing!) As for #5, my gifts for names is good, but I couldn’t say “never” forget. Wonderful gift!

  11. I love purple too -it’s my favourite colour of all.
    I am 5 feet even. I once had an elderly gentleman pat the top of my head on the way out the door after worship. *pat pat* “Nice sermon pastor” Argh.

  12. Thanks for the great F5, Songbird! I loved your answers – especially how your conversations are that of the journeying kind! How spectacular!! And such an incredible memory – wow! I sadly, am someone who needs to see the face in order to remember a name, and at that, it’s often only the first.

  13. Hi Songbird – really neat idea for a FF, and a great play here. I bet you confuse people being a Mainer who can talk Southern! Your #5 is a true gift, and if you have any pointers for those of us who don’t have it, I would love to hear them. And don’t worry, you will never be mistaken for little by me – my (Maine born) Nana was maybe 5’2″ but she was never mistaken for little!

  14. Lilac rocks–the flower and the color alike. I have a little bottle of cologne in that scent I got with my bridesmaids the day before the wedding and it’s almost out–will have to track down some more.

  15. Man, I wish I was a name-rememberer. Instead I’ve got this freakish ability to remember faces–forever!
    Great Friday 5!

  16. I like #4 too! I hope there is still time to do this one…. it’s been a busy day.

  17. you should know that I’m going to color my hair red tomorrow after all….my husband, though, thinks I should go with a shocking pink….he does have a sense humor…
    I can only remember first and last names if I remember to repeat them immediately after being told…so the conversation goes like this, “Hi I’m Jane Deer.” and I have to say, “Nice to meet you, Jane Deer.” and then I remember their name forever….but otherwise I forget it instantly.

  18. I’m another little ‘un (5’2″ . . . well, not quite).
    When I first was dating my husband (who grew up in Chicago), I discovered to my chagrin that my way of speaking changes when I go home (only an hour south of the city but definitely more rural) . . . I suddenly sound a lot more country. I never noticed it when I went there alone.

  19. Ah, yes…the anecdotal conversationalist! I am an anecdotal teacher! Drives my students crazy sometimes…but, by golly, they get the point of what I am trying to say and it does all go down so much easier with a story doesn’t it?
    There’s a great story about truth and story…truth coming to town in winter, lovely gauzy summer dress on…shivered too much to be heard. Story comes along all bundled and warm. Sees truth shaking and shares a layer or three to stop the chattering so those around her can hear what she has to say.

  20. Now seems a good moment to tell you, following on from my response to this excellent FF, that I love you lots and value our friendship hugely.
    Also to ask for coaching tips on the name game. I’ll remember the biography forever, but the name…

  21. I’m another “good thing in a small package” at least height-wise. I’m 5’1/2″ tall. Most of my 6th graders are at least as tall as me, and when I do morning duty in the cafe, most of the students tower over me. I keep telling my principal I need a life guard chair to see over the crowd.

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