Book #2: Desire

I started Susan Cheever's book, Desire: Where Sex Meets Addiction, in 2008, then mislaid it (in my house, how does that happen?). I found it while tidying up for Christmas (on the coffee table, again, how was I not able to see it?) and gave it another go. I've been reading her work since my father gave me a copy of Home Before Dark many years ago, her book about her own father. I remember loving the book, although there are many things about the Cheever family she romanticized in that account. I hope my dad didn't think I would be inspired to write a book about him.

I looked forward to her last book, American Bloomsbury, but I found it oddly disjointed and disappointing.

In her new book, Cheever is on form. She weaves her own story in and out of her conversations with other authors and various experts and doctors, making it clear there is no one school of thought on what sex addiction means. I was particularly interested in a chapter about eating disorders, particularly whether sex addiction is to men what bulimia is to women. Cheever doesn't think so, disagreeing with the person who shared the theory with her, but she leaves the idea open enough that the reader has room to form his or her own view.

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  1. so are we donig a book challenge again this year? only say the word….
    if so, I’ll link to you. I only read 31 last year, but it was a good exercise to keep track. I’m already up to four for January and proud of myself.

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