When Worlds Collide

Yesterday I got a message on Facebook from someone who wondered if we had gone to St. Carries-a-Lamb Girls School together many years ago. I clicked through to her page and found a picture of her at the age we knew each other, and for most of the rest of the evening, we and others from our class left comments on a picture of the class dressed for a pageant about Moses.

I left this particular class by skipping the 6th grade and then moving away a year later. This is the first contact I've had with any of them in many years. I'm surprised some of them would even leave me a message, considering what a little stinker I was at 8.

Some of them sound and look just as they did years ago, and I mean that kindly. I would like to think *I* have improved over the little girl who climbed out the classroom window, kicked the 4th grade teacher in the shins and spent many hours sitting in the principal's office. And that story about turning on the fire alarm? It's true, but it was an accident. I swear.

I tell you all this to give you hope if you despair that your child will ever figure out how to be a remotely productive member of society. It can happen. Be patient.

St. Agnes Moses pageant

Don't I look completely innocent? (Front row, second from the right, fingers on chin.)

(Also, Rev Dr. Mom, you know the girl on my left with the fabulous shepherd's crook, and that is where my Facebook worlds collide.)

20 thoughts on “When Worlds Collide”

  1. You were a little terror? I never would have guessed. Seriously.
    That teacher probably had it coming anyway.

  2. She was pretty mean. And I don’t actually remember doing it. In 5th grade one of my friends said, “Remember last year, when you kicked Miss Barksdale?” I remember feeling appalled, but figuring she was probably right.

  3. Now then here is the real test:
    Did you tell your kids the stories of you as a “stinker”? IF so when? (Trying to decide when or if I whould let the girls know some of daad’s shortcomings)

  4. Oh, they know. But they were older than I was as a miscreant.
    LP says that the 3rd grade class locking the teacher in the closet is much worse than my kicking the teacher. Gotta love that girl!

  5. Like the others, I’m amazed at your being a stinker. I’m glad your making connections with folks though.

  6. I recently found out that one of my seminary/FB pals (a woman) used to be roommates with a certain Conjectural Navel Gazer, like, 30 years ago!
    Crash! Bang! Boom!

  7. I always WANT to kick people in the shins, but i stand in awe of someone who’s actually *done* it…

  8. You are gorgeous…then as now.
    I love to think of you kicking a teacher and climbing out of the window. 🙂

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