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Raining Fire

Today I've bounced from CNN to watching "Return of the King" and back again, from Gaza to the Pelennor Fields. Buildings burn in Gaza, and then in Minas Tirith. The difference? Tolkien's good guys and gals never waver, although some of the people in Gondor are a little on the weak side. But you know who you are cheering for, all the way through the story.

In the real world, right and wrong are not so clearly defined. I grew up thinking of Israel in the way most conventional, mainline Christian kids probably did, that we have a special relationship with our Jewish brothers and sisters and of course after all they have been through they ought to have a country on their historic land.

It doesn't feel so simple right now. People on both sides might like you to think the other side represents Mordor, but how can it be so straightforward?

I'd like to pray for this to be over, but I fear "over" will come only in the form of more destruction.

"Peace" feels like about as powerful a word as "candy" in the face of so much hatred. I minister among people who for the most part see religion as a private matter, so private they would never tell someone what they believe or insist on knowing what the other person believes. If it comes up, fine. If not, well, that's okay.

Is there some middle ground, where we can have our different beliefs and really, truly mean them, and not have destruction of others be any part of them?

Will Gaza be a graveyard for the Israeli army? (Queen Noor said this on CNN.)

Is Hamas holding both Israelis and residents of Gaza hostage to its hatred? (Those were the words of an Israeli government spokesman.)

Is there any way to bring this to a resolution short of killing everyone involved? (This is my worry.) There must be, O God, there must be.

6 thoughts on “Raining Fire”

  1. I so agree. There are so many sides to contemplate in this conflict that we as observers have to really study to understand. I honestly don’t know what to think.

  2. Well said.
    There are no winners in this, and no easy bad guys/good guys. And killing more people is not the answer.

  3. I hate the wars that keep happening in that area, so called holy wars! My sister in law is a rabid pro Israeli supporter. The chosen people can do no wrong. I can barely speak to her.

  4. It’s all so very sad. On one hand, there are those saying that if Hamas is not being persecuted, they fail to be relevant and can’t forward their agenda, and on the other hand is Israel whose actions, though done in the name of self protection, are playing right into their hands…. Sigh… Poor Barack Obama. He needed one more thing on his plate.

  5. Sigh. I have an editor friend who lives in Israel. On the one hand, I understand her country wanting to protect itself. On the other, her country’s actions are killing people, and I’m a pacifist. I don’t know how to talk with her about this conflict.

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