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Swirling Sunday

Snow Pixie
First, I need you to know, the Weather Pixie pictured to the right has much better visibility than we had driving home from church today. After the Christmas Pageant–which featured an adorable live baby and his most attractive parents as the Holy Family, not to mention a dramatic coughing fit from the "Mother," who had to leave the sanctuary during the last scene, but returned in the nick of time to deliver the last line of a Jesus-y version of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas–we ducked out before the Church Council meeting and headed back to City By the Sea.

Can you tell me why, when the driving conditions are extremely poor, and wind blows the snow about here and there and back across to everywhere, some people think speeding and passing are still good ideas?

We left the highway for Route 1, and if it happens that you pass a Starbucks, and that was the exact time I got tired of the ice developing on the windshield wiper, well, sometimes things just happen for a reason.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Greater City By the Sea Area, Pure Luck had an adventure. To avoid hitting two cars stopped on an off-ramp to help the people in a car WAY off the ramp, he went off the road, too, but just a little. No injuries, just a fair amount of physics regarding angles, leverage and the carpet pad he carries in his trunk for just such emergencies. Oddly, his car "died," then resurrected, and he also had a brief encounter with a pigeon who wanted to join him in the car. The passengers from the WAY off car helped push his, after which he shook their hands, told them his name and then, as he told it, "promptly forgot theirs."

Pure Luck continued on to meet a friend for brunch and did not reveal his accident until he joined us at home, where we cozied in, Snowman built a fire (still going as supper time approaches) and this pastor had an exceedingly holy nap.

I woke up with a voice bouncing back and forth from Debra Winger to Marcel Marceau and a head swirling with various cold-fighting concoctions. "I went into the kitchen and watched Pure Luck fix dinner for the dogs. Molly and Puss Puss eat the same canned food (Wysong for cats or dogs), so I asked, "Is there any left in the can?" He handed it to me, and I saw a small remainder. "Ah," I said, "that looks like a cat amount."

He gave me "the look" for infringing on his brand of humor.

I retreated to the cat dish.

"I guess I'll have to tell you what kind of pigeon that was earlier," he said."


"I think it was a passenger pigeon."

I love that man, even when I'm not in a cloud of cough medicine.

We're broiling chicken in homemade barbecue sauce and getting ready to cook "Crash Hot Potatoes." Here's the view from our living room window. I think we'll be inside for a while, as the snow continues to swirl.

Nor'Easter 002

8 thoughts on “Swirling Sunday”

  1. Thanks for the look out of your living room window.
    Glad this day is over for you. Too much to do for someone trying to get well.
    Passenger pigeon? Hee Hee!


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