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Mysteries of Modern Medicine

I have a cold. I'm pretty sure I caught it at a party on Sunday afternoon. It took a couple of days to really hit me, but hit me it has. Then I remembered reading something about how my medication, methotrexate, has some complications when you're sick with something else. So I called the nurse who works with my doctor, and she called back and said, "Go off methotrexate until you are well again." (And she gave other advice about high-powered anti-inflammatories and their poor relationship with over the counter cold medications containing aspirin.)

Okay, I know this was just an answering machine message, but it feels like there must be more subtlety than just stopping and starting, besides which, I take the methotrexate once a week, on Tuesdays, so I already took it, which may be why I now have such a bad cold.

The chair of Trustees saw me at church today and said, "You look like someone who needs to go home now."

So I did.

But I have to go back, or at least I am scheduled to go back.

On the other hand, have you heard it's almost Christmas? I have a few things to do in the next week. It would be very helpful to be well.

I have a little more time before I have to make the decision. Maybe I'll lie down and then see how I feel later.

Yours with tissues,

14 thoughts on “Mysteries of Modern Medicine”

  1. Really almost Christmas? Guess I should do cards some time thne huh???
    Hope the cold flees sooner rather than later.

  2. Gahhhh… do take care of yourself Songbird (yes, I know it would be helpful if the medical professionals could tell you exactly how to do that. So frustrating…).

  3. No turning back! no turning back!
    Glad you will take care of yourself tonight. Hope the others will help you. You need TLC. IMHO. LOL. 🙂
    ps: I loves those tissues with the lotion in them.

  4. Get well. I think I am finally over a cold that has hung on far too long. Or sinuses. Or something. Christmas will come, and go, whether we are prepared or not. There’s always next year.

  5. Here’s to a speedy recovery–maybe a day in bed to help things along before next week’s mad rush?

  6. A little dab of Vicks VapoRub at the base of your neck (in the front) might help you breathe easier as you sleep.

  7. Ditto the Vicks advice from Katharine. And prayers for a speedy recovery for you Songbird!!

  8. I think the Methotrexate thing may be because it suppresses T cell function so they’re less able to go out and attack your nasty little viruses. Which I hope all go away soon!

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