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Snowflakes of Wednesday

*Asterisks look like snowflakes, right?
*I love the match between my weather pixie and the jpeg I used in the last post.
*It's snowing, had you heard?
*I wrote my Christmas letter. It was just like those times I say I'll never be able to write/finish my sermon, and then I do it almost immediately.
*My car really needs an oil change. (Hat tip to Rev. Dr. Mom for that reminder.)
*I wish I were feeling as creative as Christine at Abbey of the Arts, but my mind is full of hymn numbers and the logistics of floating candles for the Blue Christmas service. *Tea lights, right?
*Today, I swear, the ornaments are going on.the.tree. (Whether they like it or not.)
*'s up with you?

8 thoughts on “Snowflakes of Wednesday”

  1. My ornaments are similarly obstinate in their insistence on staying in the bins— in the living room, no less!
    Just wasted/ spent an hour reading blogs and facebook rather than working on the Christmas Eve sermon.
    Ran all around all day and had some wonderful visits.
    Hungry now.
    No concrete plans for dinner. Must change that.

  2. Oh my Lord…I don’t even HAVE a tree yet! And still a couple of dozen cards to go.
    But church tree is up adn decorated and first school carol service done and dusted happily….x

  3. not up to much. i am going to put tealights on a mirror to reflect more light. might be easier than floating, but floating sounds lovely.

  4. I read this quickly – because I am NOT surfing teh Internets, I am working on a story that is due shortly! – and read it as “my cat really needs an oil change.” Not being a cat owner, I found this entirely plausible.
    And then I poured another cup of coffee. Oy.

  5. Writing a sermon for the xmas eve family service.
    Clean the house.
    Mail the last of my presents.

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