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Revenge on the Branches

We're tearing around town today with various unbloggable events to which to tend, and some that you wouldn't likely care about if I did blog them, so instead, I bring you a slideshow of the branches that fell on and around Pure Luck's car, as he takes his revenge upon them.

I'm no jo(e), so please think of this as reportage, rather than art.

7 thoughts on “Revenge on the Branches”

  1. Well, Jo(e) would have included at least one naked shot, not counting the dog, so I guess you are right about not being Jo(e). 🙂

  2. That is a tall dog!
    I see you are reading Whose Body? On my DorothyL listserv community, many of us will be reading Gaudy Night to discuss in January. I suspect it will be a re-read for most but then I’ve been surprised at the number of people who had never read Nero Wolfe or Margery Allingham.

  3. Auntie Knickers, it was a fun read. Gaudy Night is a favorite. I’m not quite due for a re-read of the Harriet Vane books, and it won’t happen until they appear on Kindle! Too heavy.

  4. It’s eerie how much two of those pictures look like my tree–which I just posted about (before reading your post).

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