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Just Thinking About the Weather

Did you know that if you choose the new "Tree" setting for your Gmail page, it changes with the weather in your actual location?

In case I hadn't noticed, it's snowing.

(And it's much prettier than the grey, cloudy, rainy version. Which I've been seeing a lot the past few weeks.)

Snowman may want to change his blog nickname, because yesterday they had another, by his accounting, "blizzard," at Land o'Lakes Arts Academy in Mitten-Shaped State.

How's your weather this Sunday? Any suggestions for a new nickname for someone who is heartily sick of snow but doesn't like the heat much, either? There may be a prize for the best suggestion.

16 thoughts on “Just Thinking About the Weather”

  1. It’s 27 degrees and very frosty here in GA this morning. Just watched a three point buck walk across my yard! Drats! No camera readily handy! Have a beautiful day my friend.

  2. My dream is to find a place where I don’t have to spend 3 months of the year locked in the house. In Cleveland and MI it was winter; here it’s summer. At least during the summer, I can get up before dawn and most of the time get a run in. In the winter, on most days, I can go out in the early afternoon.

  3. Snow Miser? Heat Miser? That’s the song going through my head after reading this post.

  4. I tried that “tree” thing but it showed me that it was dark here. When in reality it is 9 am. With the sun out.
    so I gots me some flickery candles instead.

  5. Snowing! With more snow! We just bought snowshoes, in an attempt to make the best of it.
    For Snowman: Temperate. 🙂

  6. “Thaw”????
    I’ve tagged you for a photo meme if you have time or inclination – and am amused though not surprised that we chose the same google setting(mine is still grey and cloudy)

  7. “Climbivalent”. As in “Since I’m not crazy about winter, but I don’t like hot weather much, either, I’m feeling a tad climbivalent these days.”

  8. cool here, and overcast skies…probably 50’s? It would be nice if it would rain, all day, tomorrow…but I doubt that will happen in the desert. sigh…and, as much as I’d like a little snow, I am very happy to not be in the 9 degree temps of Chicago.

  9. i’m just waving through the park and thinking it’s kinda pretty here in our lil city.

  10. ::waves back::
    It’s *very* pretty here.
    Love these nickname suggestions, keep ’em coming!

  11. We’ve already had three measurable snowfalls this week, so I’ve done plenty of shoveling. But I prefer the snow to today’s bitter 12-degrees. We’re awaiting a “winter weather event” tonight, tomorrow, and as the radio and the Weather Channel said, “tapering off by Wednesday.
    Right now I’m fighting with my tree lights. Yesterday it was the outdoor lights, which I decided to replace. But my tree lights are the palest gold – not the orangey amber “gold” lights that are widely sold. I found my exact color last year and bought four packs. Should have bought five. If I have to, my tree will be 100 lights dimmer this year.
    As for Snowman, since he’s a clarinetist, why not Reed Man? Or Music Man?

  12. What about “Music Man” for his new name. Yes, we’ve had plenty of snow already in the mitten-shaped state. Hubby just commented yesterday evening after shoveling yet again, that he thinks this was his fifth time shoveling and it is not even officially winter yet.

  13. How about surfer dude. That’s a sun shiney, no snow kind of name.
    Peace and love,

  14. In the 50’s, bright sunshine, low humidity. This is the weather that makes hurricane season worthwhile.

  15. I’m in Australia and chose the beach theme for my mail. It too changes, thongs (sandals), an envelope in the sand, sunglasses, (sunnies), an upside down icecream cone, castle, beach ball and more. Supposedly summer down here and Saturday was 35deg C but mostly December has been well below average temps.

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