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Book #54–“Death in Holy Orders”

I seem to be slowing down on the reading front, and I can't imagine Advent and Christmas will improve things, but I did finish P.D. James' (NOT James's) Death in Holy Orders, which I read on the Kindle. I've been enjoying mysteries on the Kindle, as they are usually too heavy to hold and don't have nifty graphics you must see in the printed form.

To be sure, I prefer a book, the feel of the paper, the way the words look on the page. But I just can't hold them, not if they are of significant size. I'm grateful to Pure Luck, who gave me the Kindle for my birthday, and who gave it to me again after I fell and broke the first one. It's not that I wasn't careful before, the fall was unavoidable, but I am really, really, really careful now.

I find my goal of 60 books a dubious likelihood, but maybe I'll get there when I travel after Christmas. I have lots of good books on the Kindle, including another James, the first Alexander McCall Smith and the new Marilynne Robinson. And a few more I cannot remember just now.

How about you? Can you do any reading at this time of year? In college, I remember reading novels when I should have been studying for finals. I liked romance then, Jane Austen now for times of great stress, when I need to vanish into another world entirely. Do you do "avoidance" or "escape" reading?

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  1. I’m escaping reality and re-reading all the Harry Potter books. Just started number 4.

  2. I used to devour novels as escape, but no more. I still love to read, but all too often fall asleep. I do read something every night when I go to bed, and I just finished rereading “The Secret Life of Bees.” Rereading favorite books is sort of like comfort food, I guess.
    Last night I started “Audacity of Hope” which I bought a few months ago, but am just getting to.

  3. I enjoy P.D. James. I haven’t read her latest yet.
    I don’t read much serious stuff when I’m working hard (because of all the research I must do in order to write educational material), but I do a lot of escapist reading. I’ll read mysteries or reread beloved books. I’ve read Lord of the Rings more times than I can remember, and now I’m stuck on Harry Potter for light reading.

  4. I’m fortunate to have a lot of time for reading — or so it seems. But this year I will likely not reach my private goal of 200 books. On the other hand I’ve been writing reviews/reviewlets of nearly every book I’ve read, which is good for my brain. This time of year I am somewhat busy with preparations, but I did finish a book of Christmas-themed werewolf stories early this morning and just now read my husband’s cousin’s new children’s book. I’m trying to read a bunch of books I’ve bought or acquired and haven’t got around to yet. And I did finish The First Christmas, only a few days late. == I do like Jane Austen for escape, also Miss Read and Sarah Orne Jewett.

  5. RDM, I just started his first book. We’ll have to compare notes.
    Ruth, this is a house full of Tolkien fans. My husband read the books aloud to me while we were courting, and #1 Son is doing the same with his girlfriend. I got to sit in on a chapter over the weekend, such a delight. Maybe I should coax Pure Luck to read them to me again…

  6. Auntie Knickers, I *adore* Miss Read! I think I borrowed them from the library years ago. I bought a few at a church sale, but I prefer to read them in order, so that may have been pointless. Ah, well.

  7. for escape, there’s nothing like a good princess book! Philippa Gregory, thank you for existing.
    I’m reading less right now because of busy-ness, but hoping to pick it back up because, frankly, I need the downtime and the time thinking about something besides church! A Kindle sounds so lovely, but I’m not sold yet…

  8. I would buy a Kindle in a heartbeat if a few more of my academic titles were available in an electronic form. As for fun reading, my plan is to get started on Dickens’ Little Dorrit…

  9. Teri, I hear you on the Princess books. I have a copy of Anya Seton’s “Katherine” that I’m dying to re-read, complete with a Foreword by Philippa Gregory. But it is 512 pages and too heavy. 🙁 The Kindle is really a piece of adaptive equipment in my life; I’m not sure what the other reasons for needing/wanting one might be.
    JD, I love thinking of you with Dickens.

  10. I do a ridiculous amount of escape reading (and I really enjoy PD James!). I like Jennifer Crusie’s books for smart trashy novels, I like Sarah Allen Addison and Nancy Atherton for a bit of whimsey… I could go on and on.

  11. I have not read as much this year as I would have liked, but have several books I’m reading right now. If only I could keep them all straight. Just finished reading The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry. Thanks to your recommendations, I am reading In The Bleak Midwinter on my Kindle and loving it. I will be reading the rest of these Clare Fergusson mysteries. I am close to finishing Moloka’i by Alan Brennert for book group on Friday. Excellent book – well researched fictional account of the leper colony in Hawaii. So interesting and a good read. Next up for book group is Loving Frank by Nancy Horan. Also, reading The Third Jesus by Deepak Chopra for Faith Club at Church.

  12. I’m devouring Amelia Peabody. I’m also reading The First Christmas and The Scandalous Gospel of Jesus. And a book about Virigina Christians and slavery (forgotten the name). That one is slow going.

  13. Mrs. M, I got out of order on the Dalgliesh books, but I’m enjoying catching up again.
    Mary, what an interesting array of books!
    JC, my goodness, that last one sounds very heavy. Finishing “The First Christmas” is one of my goals for today.

  14. Oh goodness…I’d kind of forgotten we were trying to log our books this year. Can I do the Maths? If I borrow 6 books every three weeks from the public library that makes it over 100 on library books alone…and I know I’ve consumed substantially more than that though the number of books I’d be willing to blog about is considerably smaller. Must try and review my reading habits…and see what I might tweak next year.
    Meanwhile, I love P D James…even though reading her always spoils the next half dozen cheap and cheerful whodunnits well and truly. That woman really does use language very well!

  15. Love PD James! Songbird, how did you like Death in Holy Orders? You really didn’t say… I have something I call Detective Amnesia. I can re-read murder mysteries an infinite number of times, because I always forget whodunnit!
    My escape reading lately has been Julia Spencer-Fleming, and, of course, the Twilight books…

  16. Escape reading is what I mostly do nowadays. I used to have an escape book, a “school” book (middle school novel), and a book for spiritual nourishment going, and sometimes even a serious nonfiction one. Not anymore. It’s mostly “cozy” mysteries, suspense or series — the Aunt Dimity books, Julia Spencer-Fleming, etc. I will have to go check out Miss Read again. I read all of her books at one time. I do re-read Little Women every Christmas, as well as Anne of Green Gables. I set a goal of reading 100 books this year and have made it to 97. Only a few more weeks and a few more books to go.

  17. Mags, I was surprised at the sympathy toward a pedophile in the story. The whole notion that his actions might have really been serious seemed to be dismissed by more than one character. That seemed off to me.
    Deb, what a lovely idea to re-read Little Women at Christmas!

  18. Songbird, do you use your Kindle to read anything other than e-books – such as blogs and newspapers? I read a review today that said that the keyboard is not very useful and that the Kindle is a little slow when linking to blogs. Personally, my own preference would lean towards the Sony version of an e-Reader just because I like the overall look of it better. On the other hand, I like the idea of the wireless transfer of the Kindle. Anyway, I just wanted to get your thoughts on the matter, please. Thanks!

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