“Do Not Be Afraid”–Response to Advent Retreat Session 3

Oh, Juniper!! You ask such good questions, such pressing questions!

Juniper wrote at RevGalBlogPals about the Annunciation, included fabulous images and a wonderful Levertov poem.

And then she asked:

The angel
advises Mary not to be afraid. What do you think were some of Mary's
feelings in her conversation with the angel? How have you felt when
you've become aware of a new call from God?

Afraid, at least at first. I wish I were that calm and contained, ready to leap tall callings in a single bound. Then I progress to a see-saw, varying between feeling ready to follow wherever/however and feeling absolutely terrified of shifting the status quo. Eventually, I go.

Imagine beginning
each day with the prayer "let it be with me according to your word."
How might such a prayer alter the rhythm of your days?

I imagine completely. Might have an impact on the answer above!

Mary hears the news from the angel, she goes to be with Elizabeth, an
older cousin. Can you think of other women who have mentored or
sheltered you?

My godmother when I was growing up, and these days several special friends, bloggers and non-bloggers. I value the people who will tell me the truth, and who will hear it, too, especially when I need to give voice to a worry or concern. Sometimes simply telling them gets things back into perspective for me.

What is God calling you to give birth to in this advent season?

I am keenly aware of being on the cusp of the next phase of my life and ministry, but how that will look, I wait to see. I am open and will try to resist being afraid of changes that also hold opportunities to be faithful.

5 thoughts on ““Do Not Be Afraid”–Response to Advent Retreat Session 3”

  1. “I value the people who will tell me the truth” — yes, that struck me as being SO important!

  2. There’s nothing like truth, even if it’s painful. I too have an increased sense of waiting and wondering about where I’ll be in 4 years–next summer for CPE, 2 years from now for internship. “May it be with me according to your will.”

  3. Oh, Songbird — this is exactly what I needed to see, and I am so lucky that I ended up at your blog, right wen I needed it. Thank you.

  4. Holding you in my thoughts as you wait for clarity on your next phase.

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