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The Forecast

"Snowman, look at this map. See the pink part?"

"Pink is bad."

Mitten map

Tomorrow he takes the bus in a medium-green zone to catch a flight to a
white zone, to fly through a pink zone, to land in more white.

Should we have a blog pool to guess how late his arrival will be?

(Also, is it possible he could EVER travel without bad weather?)

4 thoughts on “The Forecast”

  1. Well, given his blog name, no, it’s simply not possible. 😉 But he always does arrive safely.

  2. Prayers for a safe journey…I’m sure he’ll have a good book or two to while away the delays.

  3. Ugh. I guess the rest of the returning kids will be just as late. Think how cool a traveller he’ll be forever after! His mama…maybe it will take her longer. Praying for safety for all who travel today into the green and pink.

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