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Giving Thanks and Blessings

CornucopiaIt's just past 8:30, and the house is mostly quiet. The shower runs for LP, but Pure Luck and the dogs have gone to the beach, while Snowman, #1 Son and Dos still sleep. Soon all will wake, and the frenzy of cooking will begin. But for now, I'm grateful for the sunshine coming through the kitchen window, the cup of coffee on the table beside the laptop and a moment of peace.

We'll eat at 4 p.m., giving Pure Luck time to go see his family at noon. And when we sit at the table, he will share this blessing, one he wrote for our Thanksgiving Eve dinner a few years ago:

Blessed are the fires of the sun which give their
light and warmth freely to the Earth.
Blessed is the Earth which upholds sea and soil, the
wellsprings of abundance.
Blessed are the falling rains which quench the thirsty
fields and renew the sea.
Blessed are the farmers and the fishermen who toil so
that we here might share the bounty of our world.
Blessed are we to receive these gifts born of sun,
soil, water and labor.
We honor them by striving to be as they are:
To be as the sun, bringing light to the darkness and
heat to the shivering.
To be as the rains, quenching that which is parched
and barren.

To be as the soil, nurturing of life.
To be as the farmers and the fishermen, working to
share the wealth of the Earth with all who dwell here.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

13 thoughts on “Giving Thanks and Blessings”

  1. It seriously will! I’m contemplating borrowing it to turn into the core of the pastoral prayer on Sunday….if he’d let me.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Yup. Is he willing to share? With credit-I’d like to tell folks “that was written by my friend Pure Luck.”
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!

  3. And here I was thinking Pure Luck wasn’t into the things of faith…Lovely words.
    Thank you for posting and for your friendship too – and many blessings for this day of thankfulness xxx

  4. What a beautiful blessing. Happy Thanksgiving, Songbird! I’m glad to have you as a friend, and to be able to read about your family.

  5. Can I borrow the prayer as well. Pure Luck is quite the liturgist.
    Peace and love,

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