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Looking Ahead

I'm excited because I'm taking this week off!

Except that I'll be at church next Sunday and preaching Wednesday night at the Community Thanksgiving Service.

But otherwise, I'm doing nothing but hang out with my family.

(Okay, and write the already-outlined sermon for Wednesday night.)

(And review the already-written one for next Sunday.)

(But that's all.)

(Except trying to figure out a different way to get a sermon recorded, since my first attempts have not panned out and I need a recorded sermon.)

But really, otherwise, I'm doing nothing but hanging out with my family. Snowman just got off a plane in Beantown and is taking the bus home to City By the Sea. #1 Son will arrive late Wednesday evening with his girlfriend, Dos. They stay until next Sunday, Snowman until Monday. We're getting a fresh turkey on Wednesday through the food co-op to which my Favorite Methodist Neighbors belong. I've got a dozen free range eggs, a Thanksgiving present from MaineCelt and her partner. Tomorrow we lay in all the other needed supplies. Light Princess has two half-days of school, Monday and Tuesday, then Wednesday, we cook! She invited Anime Fangirl to join us for the holiday, then asked if she could join us for the cooking, too. Why not? I will try to stand back and supervise as much as possible.

No, really, I will try.

I also hope to finish reading P.D. James' Death in Holy Orders and Borg and Crossan's The First Christmas:What the Gospels Really Teach about Jesus's Birth, even if the subtitle's use of the word "Jesus's" drives me crazy.

As I wrote three years ago, on the old blog:

I will not read Bridget Jones’s Diary.
I do not want to be Jesus’s friend.
Never will I eat John Keats’s Porridge, or
Write a sermon about Moses’s end.


What's on your plate this week?

18 thoughts on “Looking Ahead”

  1. That sounds like a perfectly SPLENDID week! I’m so excited for you all.
    LOL at the poem. Could not agree more.

  2. sounds fun.
    what’s the issue with recording? Can I help?
    Are you using an ipod? because I have several ipod mics–I could send one to you–but it only works with old school ipods.

  3. Alas, Onkel Hankie Pants believes that Jesus, and Jesus only, is allowed the apostrophe without the extra s. And he was an English major, after all.
    Any time you want to come over, I have capability of recording into the computer with a headset mic. I would even take all the dogs for a walk while you do it! (But maybe Rusty is too bouncy for Sam and Molly).

  4. I hope you get to have a week actually off! 🙂
    And seriously, the s’s thing drives me absolutely bonkers. AND, even if Auntie Knickers’ OHP says only Jesus gets the s’, the book subtitle is still wrong.
    I think I’m going to read a princess book tomorrow. 🙂

  5. well, as one who had to prepare a number of recorded sermons, let me just say…sigh…and…yuck….and in the end I hope it leads to something wonderful.
    have a wonderful thanksgiving.

  6. Lots of work until Thursday.
    Off Thursday. Need to write a sermon Friday
    Funeral and regular service on Saturday, and two services Sunday.
    Did I mention that the Boss has the week off?

  7. And your week sounds lovely–hope you all have a wonderful time.
    And no s’s–not even for Jesus.

  8. Yay for books, and kids, and cooking! Boo to the redundant ‘s.
    Have you seen Twilight yet?

  9. Your apostrophe thing makes me laugh:as an English teacher in these days of no grammar, I am so glad to see apopstrophes being used by people who have a well-meaning idea of the rules, even if not the “classical names” exceptions (an exception which raises a few questions of its own!) that “Jesus’s” and “Moses’s” apostrophes make my heart beat fast with joy.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving–son’s confirmation on Sunday was a lovely event!

  10. I’m only just managing to smile in pleasure for you, my friend, as here it’s the week from hell.
    I have to produce liturgies and sermons/addresses for
    1)School Advent Service on Friday (children, staff & parents)
    2)United Benefice Advent Sunday service
    3)Christingle Service (do you remember what that’s about…)
    We also have Messy Advent workshops in church on Saturday afternoon
    A potentially stressful PCC meeting on Wednesday (which features other meetings morning and evening)
    and som essential Advent/Christmas sorting of other varieties too…
    And more visiting than I can probably fit in.
    Oh…and the retreat material (though seriously that isn’t a burden…so please don’t worry about it)
    Having now made you wish you hadn’t asked, I am genuinely happy that you are getting time to enjoy all being together…And I’ll give thanks for you and yours among many other blessings on Thursday.
    hugs xxx

  11. Oh, Kathryn, let’s hope the retreat material doubles as something else. At this festive season of the year: reduce, reuse, recycle!

  12. And is Christingle the one with the orange?
    Anonymous Commenter are you by any chance Jane Dark? We saw the movie yesterday afternoon, really enjoyed it. LP says it was quite faithful to the book, which she remembers more specifically than I do, and allows that the adjustments made were perfectly reasonable and necessary. The music was really good, I thought. The whole concept continues to be both erotic and creepy. LP noted that too many younger children were in the theatre, and she found that even creepier.

  13. Your week sounds pretty balanced and pretty wonderful. I think pursuing the iPod recording is a splendid idea. Banish redundant ‘s!
    Thanksgiving blessings to you!

  14. Thinking about Twilight – its success was mentioned on the news this morning. They said, “It’s amazing! no sex, no drugs, and it’s popular with kids!” I commented to husband that it’s totally erotic and particularly so for teens. More than sex, I’d say.
    My boss is out of town this week, too, which for me is a good thing as I don’t have to take on any of her responsibilities (so far!) and there’s no preaching in this job.

  15. why is it that a minister/ pastors week off is never really a week off???
    Enjoy your family songbird 🙂

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