Crazy Busy


I wrote on Tuesday: "So that's three sermons, two bulletins, a newsletter piece (plus other items) and an e-mail reflection."

Sermon 1 — Reign of Christ (this Sunday)
Sermon 2 — Thanksgiving Eve (next Wednesday)
Sermon 3 — Advent 1 (next Sunday)
Bulletin 1 — this Sunday
Bulletin 2 — next Sunday
Newsletter Piece
E-mail Reflection

Getting there…

Did I mention I'm a little behind on my mileage reports?

Add those to the list, too.

7 thoughts on “Readier”

  1. Oh love
    Pretty much the same here except I’m not making hte progress that you are.
    Bravo! xxx

  2. I’m impressed too! when you get that thanksgiving sermon done, let me know. I have to preach at the Interfaith Thanksgiving service. Sadly, it’s Sunday night…

  3. Right there with ya, girlfriend. Tonight:
    * finalize spring concert lineup with co-creative director and order music
    * fight a fire having to do with my church’s Christmas program
    * respond to a lengthy e-mail about long-term worship concerns from one of my church’s youth
    * get together resume & cover letter in hopes of new day job
    * make some kind of effort to pack tomorrow’s lunch
    * troubleshoot home computing issue
    * oh, yeah, and find time for pups and Beloved
    Good grief. Is it January yet?

  4. Am I the only one who sang “and an e-mail refle-e-ection” to the tune of “and a partri-idge in a pear tree?”

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