Chez Songbird

Electoral Politics

In late-breaking election news, Light Princess told me this
morning, "I'm running for class president." She'll give a speech this morning,
to be followed by the vote.
I must admit, this took me by surprise. LP has
never expressed interest in school politics.
from the looks of her poster, she had a campaign strategy. It features the earth
(which she says is a symbol of peace), a "B" for her last name modeled on
Obama's "O" and a cookie. Yes, Earth + "B" = Cookies for the class.
I considered sitting down. Cookies for the whole
8th grade?
On further investigation, I learned this is an exercise
for Social Studies class. A victorious daughter = cookies for 20 students. That
we can manage.

6 thoughts on “Electoral Politics”

  1. I remember when W’s grandfather gave out potholders for his election campaign. I don’t think that’s allowed now. Cookies, I don’t know.

  2. Actually, hosted bake sales all around the country (I think there were four in one day, here in the Twin Cities) last summer to raise money and awareness for Obama…guess a lot of people agreed with the cookie campaign strategy!

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