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At the Unready

I am unready.

In an attempt at having time off with my visiting sons next week, and because my admin also wants to take the week off, life is busy this week. We will attempt two bulletins and a December newsletter by Friday. Also a weekly email to cover two weeks. And then there is the small matter of a sermon for Sunday, a sermon for the community Thanksgiving eve service and another sermon for November 30th because it suits better to have the dramatic reading before the children go out to Sunday School, and I won't have enough service left without one.

I want to accomplish as much of this between now and Snowman's return home on Sunday as humanly possible. So that's three sermons, two bulletins, a newsletter piece (plus other items) and an e-mail reflection.

Oh, and I'll be away overnight on Friday, traveling home Saturday, thereby cutting down the available time to work that day.

I am prepared to work one day next week, probably Wednesday morning and evening, the day of the community service.

But other than that, I want to be finished when I walk out of church on Sunday at noontime.

I can do it.



Please say yes.

21 thoughts on “At the Unready”

  1. Recycle! Recycle! Recycle! Even if you’ve preached it there; will they remember?
    Life is short. Live it fully. Do what is important; improvise the rest.
    I hate Advent. I hate Christmas. One day I’ll love Advent and Christmas. I’ll be retired.

  2. Yes, yes, you can. I have been that church admin who also wanted to take some time off. Sisterfilms is one now. We are all in favor of getting it done in advance! I agree about the recycling too, if it seems appropriate to you; that’s why the lectionary is on a three-year cycle, right? And what good is being an interim if it doesn’t give you a chance to recycle some oldies but goodies?

  3. However, someone should update the church website. Did I already miss the fancy cake party and the bazaar or are they this weekend??

  4. Auntie Knickers, it’s December 5th and 6th. At the moment, updating the website is quite problematic. We’ll work on it.

  5. Joan Calvin, this is the second time today I’m laughing at you!
    And, Songbird, she’s right. I’m recylcing this Sunday (from another church, it’s true). She’s right, she’s right, she’s right.
    And yes, you can!

  6. Yes, you can!
    Recycling and keeping things short but meaningful are good plans.

  7. I heart Joan Calvin for saying what we’re all thinking.
    SB – you can do it! You can!!

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