All Things Under His Feet

I'm thinking about how we understand God, where we see God in the things that happen around us, what we expect God to do and where we expect God to be. We read words like these:

And he has put all things under his feet and has made him the head over all things
for the church,
which is his body, the fullness of him who fills all in all.
(Ephesians 1:22-23, NRSV)

Words written long ago in a much smaller world, a more tightly-held reality, a world that must have seemed calculable, while ours feels less so. Cable news brings me closer to people far away, people who can't breathe easily because of the fires I see on a small screen in my kitchen, but instead of making the world feel more manageable it puts before me the reality that things are beyond my control.

And are they beyond God's? Does God let things go on that God could stop? Are we a giant anthill under observation? Or are we puppets on invisible strings?

I'd like to think it's something different than either of those extremes, but how do we explain it when God appears to act on some occasions and not on others? Do we give equal blame for the inactions, the non-saves? Or do we focus only on the moments of escape or redemption?

On the one hand I believe a little church can have a calling to be the people of God in a particular time and place, and on the other hand, I wish God would knock a few (metaphorical) heads together, that people might see how to be that. I wish Christ would use those feet to kick over a few traces, to help us see what really matters, to help us BE what really matters.

6 thoughts on “All Things Under His Feet”

  1. Mmmm…to help us to BE what really matters. Yes. That’s wonderful.
    Wouldn’t it be great if the answers were clearer?
    On the other hand, what do we do if we’re not living the questions?

  2. I’m really appreciating the image of some metaphorical heads being knocked together today.

  3. Those feet could probably stomp out some brush fires.
    Maybe just metaphorical ones. I dunno.

  4. Yes, I take it quite literally that we are supposed to be God’s body in this world. We fuss that he doesn’t act, but when we act, he IS acting.

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