Quick Reading Update

Book # 52: Jesus for President by Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw. I shared some thoughts about this one over at RevGalBlogPals, where it was the October discussion book. I guess I'm not as certain that no good can come of being American as the authors are, though I think their radical point of view is a needed corrective to our smug civil religion. One complaint: I am not excited by artfully laid out books that hurt my eyes by putting odd colored type on pages that make it difficult to read. If that makes me an old fogey, so be it.

Book #53: I Asked for Intimacy by Renita J. Weems. This book has been on my shelf for years, and it jumped into my hands the other day. It speaks to all kinds of intimacy, the way we want it and the way we resist it. I love Weems' writing. She declares herself as writing for African-American women, but she's speaking to me whether or not she knows it. Did you know she has a blog? You can find her writing at Something Within.

I'm reading a P.D. James on my Kindle, but I've been going to bed too sleepy to read much in it. I'm also trying to finish a Christmas project or two on the knitting needles, which can cut into the reading time.

I didn't set out to read a particular number of books this year, but at this point I guess I'm aiming for 60. I've already read more than one per week, which feels like a big improvement over last year. I'll reflect more on what I read when I get to the end of the year!

6 thoughts on “Quick Reading Update”

  1. I would love to read a book a week. ANd in fact I did whilst on holidays in August.
    BUt I just can’t find the time or energy between work and family and blogs and “crackbook”. Maybe a resolution for 2009 will be to read more…
    That being said, the one I am currently reading would make a great book study. MAybe even a possibility for RGBP some month

  2. My sister was telling me that the latest P.D. James release is amazing. I look forward to getting to it.
    Right now, I’m trying to finish “The First Christmas” in time for the RGBP book study next week.

  3. love to read your reviews – maybe I’ll make my reading list off of your sidebar!!

  4. I read a book by Renita Weems during the time I was a lay seminarian. I just loved her point of view. Thanks for the link; I’ll check it out!

  5. I only keep track of the ones I finish, but that’s only 31 so far this year. You are kicking my butt.

  6. I just commented about not reading much anymore over at Phantom’s. I have stacks of books–especially books for work–sitting everywhere and I dabble in them but don’t sit down and read cover to cover. I need to work on that.

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