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Weighing the Costs

Big Bottle of Dasuquin:                                        $60.00
Big Bottle of Metacam:                                        $65.00
Lots of Tramadol:                                                $50.00
Molly putting some weight on her left front leg:     Priceless

I'm trying not to get overly excited, to remain realistic. But if she can use that leg, it gives us all more time.

16 thoughts on “Weighing the Costs”

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Molly.
    P.S. One more suggestion. Our vet has us giving fish oil to Smokey for his joint health. I know you’re up to your ears in supplements, but at least you can get fish oil cheaply.

  2. This seems pretty reasonable considering the payoff! Hope Molly continues to improve.

  3. Yay!
    Maybe you should have some of that stuff so you could put some weight on that poor scrolling finger.

  4. Many Prayers of Thanksgiving for medical knowledge and good meds. Also, thanksgiving for extra time spent with a beloved family member.
    Continued prayers for better walking on the leg and many happy roo- roos!
    1-4 G, Mel and Mugs

  5. (((both of you)))
    I wonder what your vet would say about Adequan shots? They really helped Amie.

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