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Today I roved to another part of Vacationland, to a charming harbor town that I have never visited before, for a Conference-sponsored clergy Advent Retreat.

We did collage-making with magazines.

I hate collage-making with magazines. I always sit next to some who is finding the perfect words and images with no effort, while I spend the time piecing together something that looks more like a ransom note. This held true today, but fortunately I had RevFun sitting on the other side. reading the magazines and not making a poster at all. I felt successful by comparison.

At lunch time, we got a chance to go for a walk, so I took off to the quaint little Main Street shopping area. I called Pure Luck as I strolled, to check in on the home front, but it came as no surprise to him when I suddenly said, "WAIT! I see yarn. Gotta go."

The town's charm increased, one might even say magnified (Advent humor), when I entered, I kid you not, Heavenly Socks Yarns. I came home with a skein of the above colorway — "Pansy Patch" — of some gorgeous yarn from a Vacationland farm.

Of course, after many hours of driving, I don't have the wrists for knitting. But I do have hope that in time I will knit again.

And, yes, that's an Advent reference, too. People need to get into the mood.

15 thoughts on “Roving”

  1. Oh, that is a beautiful colorway. I’ve done that–gone to another city for a completely different and spotted a yarn shop as I wandered. Do you think the Holy Spirit nudges us, or is that a blasphemous thought?

  2. I have found that by wearing braces on my wrists for driving, I can preserve them for knitting…..I’d rather have knitting wrists than driving wrists.

  3. Beautiful yarnage.
    I wish we had Clergy Craft Day here. Such a funny idea!
    My yarn shops have the words “thrift” or “second-hand” or “charity” on their signs.

  4. I don’t even knit and I want to go to that store! (Of course, I have knitting daughters). I have to agree about the collages with magazines, though.

  5. that yarn is gorgeous! I wish I knew how (and had time) to knit because I always see (and feel!) lovely things in yarn shops. alas.
    I hate making collages with magazines, especially if they’re some kind of forced-creativity topic. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve had to tell my faith journey using some kind of art. I make art with words, people! Having said that, I totally use the magazine thing in youth group, but it tends to be pretty open ended….(last year for the 30 Hour Famine we had the youth trace their outlines on big pieces of paper, and then fill themselves up with the things their lives are filled with. It was very cool.)

  6. Oh my goodness! What awesome yarn. Yes definately in line with Advent and thanks for the reminder.

  7. “A voice cried “Knit” ” “What shall I knit? All scarves are like…”
    Well, there words fail me even in trying to keep up the Advent theme…but I can see that I need to get seriously into knitting…Quarter Stitch started something…DogBloggers directions to the ethical wool site continued it…Now I need to work out what a rank beginner could manage and then ask for some wool for Christmas. That’s so lovely, your shopping treat. Advent creativity all round xxx

  8. Your ransom note comment made me laugh out loud at 5:45 am! I experienced a similar thing when my 10th graders and I made “illuminated texts”. . . Even the most art-challenged honors sophomore can do better than a willing but rushed English teacher!
    AND I am so glad you found your way to Heavenly Yarns: they have great stuff AND great politics.

  9. Magazine collages? Seriously? You are a much more patient and kind person than I. I would have cut out nothing but chunks of plain black and pasted them on in protest. Although I like RevFun’s approach as well.
    “WAIT! I see yarn. Gotta go.” Hilarious.

  10. Oh. Lord. I would have been right there with you on the hate of the magazine collages. I always have been, and I haven’t been able to quite put my finger on why, but after reading your post, I thought about it for a while, and I wonder whether I am annoyed by the fact that magazine pictures, in general, are of perfect, staged things. I just can’t identify them enough with my own messy (albeit joyfully so) life to want to use them in any portrayal of it.

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