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We saw Dr. S yesterday afternoon. Molly's shoulder, injured in September of last year, continues to be a little loose, but it's the left elbow that worries the vet. Always the primary site of lameness, it's the worry point now. The elbow is essentially frozen. We're doing a couple of things: upping her pain meds and trying numerous very short walks daily.

Pure Luck will be home for three months and he will be primarily responsible for the walking. If the higher level of pain meds and walks together don't show some modest improvement, there is a medication used primarily in dogs with cancer to provide long-term pain relief. It amplifies the other medicines, working synergistically. (I am quoting here. I hope I understand.)

Wroo wroo smallAs long as Molly shows us her happy face, her enjoyment in going places and seeing dogs and people, we will try to get relief for her.

Right after breakfast, Sam went out to the backyard, but Pure Luck got Molly's leash out. She hopped up, said "Wroo" in the throaty, morning version, and went right out the front door with him for a slow walk up and down the block. She kept the left front paw off the ground.

If we can get her to use all four legs again, we'll have more time. 

(Picture taken last April at the Bernese Mountain Dog National Specialty. Thanks to photographer Pat Long for taking the extra "Wroo wroo" shots.)

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  1. Aw, Songbird, I hope that the new treatment regimen does the trick for Molly. That wroo-wroo shot is just adorable.

  2. Your vet has probably already suggested this, but I’ll mention this just in case. Our vet had us put Smokey on a joint supplement. There are many kinds out there. Some are made from green-lipped mussels, which some dogs get sick from, but we use a brand called Cosequin that Smokey tolerates well. We using a multi-vitamin with glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM.
    Best of luck to Molly.

  3. Linus & Lucy “bwuf” their encouragement to Molly–and I, mine to you. (((Songbird)))

  4. Ditto from me here as well – I am so glad Molly has you and Pure Luck to care for her! What a sweetie (hugs from my Golden Pal Dunstan would be offered,but at 4 he is not a very gentle hugger)

  5. Sister sends her love. The cats send purrs. Dubby is limping with his left paw up in solidarity with Molly.
    He says, Molly! Meow wroooo! This means, you are my best girl Bearnaise Sauce Mountain Dog ever!

  6. May the new regime work..and soon.
    Now I will put on my veterinarian hat. Have you explored accupuncture? I found it to be helpful in many large breed dogs with hip/knee problems. Just a thought. “hat is off”.

  7. Ditto Ruth’s comment about joint supplements. Doggie Bear (whose odd combination of arthritis, hip dysplasia, and bone spurs made surgery a very painful option, considering the bone spurs would come back and arthritis would never go away) was put on glucosamine chondroitan when he was about 6 or 7. The veterinary brand was very expensive, so a pharmacist friend compared ingredients and amounts and found a human brand that was virtually identical for about 1/3 the price. The vet okayed it. (It was bright pink, and I had to grind the pills and sprinkle it in his food.) Bear was also on Pet Tab multivitamins throughout his life.
    It took about 4-6 weeks to see the results, but Bear started moving around better – getting up and down with relative ease. He was a 110-pound dog who lived to be a happy, healthy, playful 12-year old. Longer than a lot of other dogs his size!
    (November 24 would have been Bear’s 20th birthday, if only dogs had longer lifepsans!)

  8. Many thanks for hugs and suggestions.
    PS, Pure Luck is dubious about acupuncture; we did try it last spring, but I think getting some weight off was actually more helpful than the acupuncture.
    Ruth and LaReina, Molly takes Dasuquin, the newfangled version of Cosequin, which she took starting as a puppy.
    We went through a right hip Triple Pelvic Osteotomy and arthroscopy on both elbows in the first year of her life. On the one paw, I feel blessed to have had her do so well for so long; on the other, it’s all too quick.

  9. More hugs for both from here…I’m so glad that Pure Luck is home to be part of this process – lots of prayers ascending xxx

  10. Newman the Catahoula sends woofs.
    The rest of us send hugs and are praying for Molly & her people.
    (((Songbird & Molly)))

  11. Much love and many hugs to you and Molly from me. Amie sends lots of licks and waggies.
    One time I sent you an email about a website I stumbled across with some sort of supportive sling for dogs with elbow problems…if I can remember what it was and find it again I will let you know.

  12. Love the pics but I do feel for poor Molly.
    I’m the LAST person to be suggesting this – but have you considered chiropracty for Molly? We have a fellow in town who specializes in animal chiro work and friends tell me he has worked wonders with arthritic and injured dogs.
    On the other hand, if you’ve found something that works, why not stay with that.
    A big ‘Wroo’ from Ouzo and Truffle who are resting after a big supper.

  13. No verified scientific study has ever shown chiropractic or acupuncture to be efficacious at anything other than lightening the wallets of the patrons. The founder of chiropractic was reputed to have cured someone’s deafness through its use even though the nerves that go to the ears don’t go through the spine and so adjusting it would have no effect. They used acupuncture in ancient China because they had a societal prohibition about dissection so they had no idea what was going on under the skin or what was in there. I am sorry if that sounds harsh but these things really have no place in the era of X-rays and MRI’s.

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