Chez Songbird


Monday morning, grey sky
Daughter off to school
Yellow leaves on the trees

Dogs beside themselves
Above us, a man sleeps

Weeks on the night shift
off the doggy schedule
let the man rest now

But every sound they hear
a breeze that moves the door
a person walking by

and it starts, the soft "wroo"
and the deep "oaf" of love

Later, I promise,
we will walk in the woods
but for now, please,

let him sleep.

14 thoughts on “Hush…hush…”

  1. Glad you’ve got “a man around the house” again. I understand the sleep concerns as OHP is working seasonally at night and Rusty has a bit of trouble keeping still when he sees a squirrel out the window….

  2. I can see the dogs and you and feel the urgency of trying to keep them quiet. Wonderful poem.

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