Technical Difficulties

I'm posting from the office because my home phone and internet are both down.

This is not good.

I hope I'll be able to get them up and going this afternoon in order to blog tonight.

Meanwhile, go vote!!!

6 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties”

  1. My neighbor just called. The poll workers report that people lined up at 3am to vote!

  2. oh no!
    I’m waiting to rock the vote with you!
    the other option is to do it with my spouse, and that’s not an option!

  3. We have champagne chilling. And if Obama wins, my husband will take down our world peace and “Change we can believe in” flags from the 40-foot-plus flagpole in our front yard and replace them with our American flag (which will be spotlighted, to follow etiquette for nighttime flag-flying) and the world peace flag. We haven’t flown our American flag since Dubya took office.

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