Widget Testing

I'm testing the Election Map widget from the network of my New TV Boyfriend, Chuck Todd. If it works and doesn't take too awfully long to load, I'll be live-blogging on Election Night with this map as my friend. Let me know in the comments if it is an irritation, okay? I may also try the smallest version in the sidebar.

Updated: Check out my election day post for the widget!

6 thoughts on “Widget Testing”

  1. Well, the sidebar version is too wide, so I think I’ll go with this one.
    Not that I think I’ll be making the world’s most trenchant political commentary. I just want company while I watch the returns!

  2. That is a cool widget. I might steal that one for my blog!
    I plan to pollwatch from 7-11 tomorrow morning, then go to a election watching party starting at 8 pm.
    Funny how I went Dem all of the way when I early voted, but Only Son, who has some Dominionist leanings, is engaged in prayer meetings every night earnestly praying for the victory of John McCain. One of us is going to be disappointed.

  3. If I left a blogstone every time I came to look at this ticker you’d have 100 comments by now, easy. 🙂

  4. I like the ticker… it does demand/command one’s attention, but no more than it ought to on such an important Citizen Action day!
    (I’ll be among the vote-counters in our town, and we expect to be up ’til the “Wee Smas.” It’ll be grand, righteous work, though…and the town clerk is planning to feed us!)

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