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That’ll be 5 cents, please.

Halloween 003

Two Girls Who Had a Fabulous Halloween–Light Princess and best friend Manga Fangirl attended a party, then trick-or-treated all over the neighborhood, after which they poured all their candy out on our living room floor. LP gave all the nuts and caramels to Manga Fangirl, because they are forbidden by the orthodontist, and the coconut, too, because "bleh." Malted milk balls went to visiting blogger, god_guurrlll (a brief visit thoroughly interrupted by trick-or-treaters).

I finally got a Fun Size Milky Way and saved three for later, thanks to both girls! (The drug store had been ransacked by the time I got there. And what is Halloween without your Fun Size Milky Ways, I ask you?)

No one wants Necco wafers.

With a Halloween-ish birthday in the family, we've had many, many theme events in our lives. I had mixed feelings about it when Snowman was born on October 30th. But I came to enjoy it. I expect this is the last year I will send trick-or-treaters out into the world, and I feel a bit nostalgic this morning. Maybe next year we'll have a party…

(That's the Lucy costume my mom made for me in 1978, when I played the part in "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown." Also, those braids? Real.)

(I tried using the "lowlight portrait" setting on the digital camera, and the whole process seemed to be oddly delayed. Still, I like this picture, especially the shadow of MF's hat balanced by the blurred stained glass piece on the right (a gift from Questing Parson, made by his talented wife). And I want to say that the red eye corrector on the most recent version of Microsoft Picture Manager is totally awesome.)

11 thoughts on “That’ll be 5 cents, please.”

  1. That is an AWESOME costume on Light Princess, and a lovely, evocative photo… Petra wore a jacket of mine as part of her costume last night, the first time that’s happened (she was Janice from “Friends”). Halloween is sort of a high holy day in our house… I absolutely love it. Though… no jack o’lanterns this year, couldn’t lift the pumpkins.

  2. Good picture! We had, I think, three or maybe 4 sets of trick-or-treaters only. So there were a few tiny Snickers and KitKats left for us.
    Actually — I kind of like Necco wafers, at least in retrospect — not sure I’ve had one for about 45 years!

  3. Light Princess looks SO MUCH like her beautiful mother! And Manga Fangirl’s braids are lovely.

  4. I still like Necco wafers. I also like the Lucy costume. Is MF dressed as someone *from* manga? Or am I being dim in not recognizing her?

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