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Mock Election

Vote-buttonToday they will hold a Mock Election at Renowned Middle School. This will not be a simple popularity contest. To teach students about the Electoral College, each homeroom has been assigned a state identity.

Light Princess is now a resident of Mock Delaware.

I've been hearing a lot about the inequities of the Electoral College.


3:00 p.m. Update–


Principal M. announced the results at the end of the day over the intercom.

Ralph Nader    10 votes

Cynthia McKinney    3 votes

John McCain    27 votes

Barack Obama    436 votes*

(*Earlier total was incorrect, perhaps conflated with the electoral votes.)

In an Electoral College landslide, Obama took every state for 538 electoral votes!

16 thoughts on “Mock Election”

  1. Wow, I’m not sure I realized that there were states with fewer votes (and people) than Maine on the east coast. This may explain why I didn’t believe Delaware was real until I finally met someone from there about 15 years ago….

  2. Our school with the same curriculum model did this in 2000. Nader won. I’m not kidding. Bunch of damn hippies.

  3. Delaware is the coolest place ever!! We have Blue Hens, chemicals companies, credit cards, and Joe Biden. Would the Light Princess like me to FedEx her some Delaware swag?

  4. Vermont has fewer people than Maine or Delaware–but it’s still one of the best places to live I know–and yeah, we need to get rid of the electoral college.
    The Kid’s school had its mock election this week sans electoral votes and Obama got 67%–woo hoo.

  5. Lisa V.–Haha!
    Auntie Knickers, I guess Rhode Island would meet that standard, too.
    I just got a call from Bill Clinton, so the election must really be happening.

  6. After the 2000 fiasco, I had the misfortune of being seated at a table full of ignorant yuppies at the Christening celebration of a friend’s twins. The idiots kept saying Bush had more votes than Gore. So I tried explaining how – due to the Electoral College – Gore actually had more individual votes, while Bush had more Electoral points. They swore that because we’re “a democracy” Bush had to have had more vote than Gore to win. Sick of debating that we’re actually not a democracy, but a republic, I said, “Say the Pledge of Allegiance.” As soon as they got to “..and to the republic for which is stands….” they finally GOT it. Seriously, they must all have failed their high school government classes. It’s nice to know Light Princess and her classmates are learning how our backwards system works.

  7. i’m all good with nader staying in the one nut range.
    that must have been so fun for the school, though.

  8. Yes, the electoral college is basically the last remnant of the founding fathers’ distrust of democracy. We’ve had a number of presidents who didn’t actually win the popular vote. The number five comes to mind, but I’d have to look it up for sure.

  9. I guess it turned out to be 10 votes for Nader. As Lisa V. points out, hippies!

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