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News of the Day

I'll tell you the truth. I am the mother of a 22-year-old recent college graduate who is an aspiring actor living in Brooklyn with two friends and looking for a day job. He left home with savings he hoped would last three months, but he's learning that's probably overly optimistic. It's been six weeks, and he is still looking for a job.

During the worst economic crisis since, oh, 1929.

As you might imagine, it's not a great market.

And the fact that he shook hands with Barack Obama at graduation means nothing now.

A mother might begin to wonder about the bounce-back factor. Not that he wouldn't be welcome if it became necessary, but like all mothers, I want him to you know, leave home, do well and find fulfillment somewhere else.

Wesleyan 060
But in my e-mail this morning came the following:

Guess who has two thumbs and a nine-to-five temp job this week
paying $17 an hour.

This guy.

– #1 Son


18 thoughts on “News of the Day”

  1. Yippee! And, sometimes those temp jobs turn permanent…a lot to hope for, I know. But it’s a start.

  2. Hooray! Now we only need to persuade Hattie Gandhi that academic glory won’t butter the bread, and we can relax for about 20 minutes… 😉

  3. very good news! my son has been looking for 2 months, and i think that is part of why i grind my teeth at night.

  4. That’s fantastic! My congratulations to him, and I hope it turns into a job that lasts more thank just a week!

  5. Yay! May the job last a good long time, or may there at least be other jobs that follow this one quickly. You’re only young once, #1 Son, so use that enthusiasm and energy well!

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