Pay No Attention to the Slight Delay, We are Live-Blogging the Debate!

Ready face
Edited to add the Ready Face~~


Comments seem to be up again, so let's go for it. What do you think, will anything exciting happen?

McCain seems stiff, Obama limber. But that comes as no surprise.

Light Princess says Obama is using simpler English words this time.

McCain is prepared, let's see how Obama handles the use of the Joe the Plumber story.

Keeps his cool, that's what we like to see.

(I must admit, the polls today made me hopeful, and that's a little scary.)

Taxes: important, but not fascinating.

McCain looks SO scornful. Class warfare?

"We're talkin' 'bout Joe the Plumber, heh heh heh heh heh." Who is he? Montgomery Burns?

I have to admit, I don't get the whole small business tax thing. 

Light Princess: "He's evil!"

So what does Obama need to accomplish here? Your comments invited.

Some people thought Schieffer would be soft on McCain, but he forced him back to the question here on spending.

Hatchets, scalpels: we're spending too much, how can we change this, really? I just know I have more confidence Obama's values approximate mine.

I bet McCain is delighted he got to use that line: "If you wanted to run against President Bush, you should have run four years ago."

Obama is finally getting a chance to list things where he disagreed with the Democratic leadership. Gobama!

"Even Fox News disputes it…" Obama is ready for this.

"I've got the scars to prove it."

Light Princess: "He should stop saying things about scars."

And later: "He's not answering the question." (re: McCain and the negative campaign question)

Okay, McCain is going on the John Lewis thing.

Again: "He didn't answer the question!"

Don't worry, that's Obama's "ready" face.

He just doesn't sound worried by McCain's remarks at all.

LP: "McCain never answered about 'palling around with terrorists.'"

Obama on Lewis: Lewis, unprompted, talked about things that troubled him. He's pitch-perfect on this. "We have to be careful about how we deal with our supporters."

Bad time to chuckle, Senator McCain. I mean, really. Of course John Lewis was outraged! The very idea of asking Senator Obama to "repudiate" him offends me!!

What is McCain talking about now? Military wives? WWII vets? That's not who we're talking about. We're talking about out-and-out racists.

Even Light Princess can tell from this discussion that Obama's "negative ads" were about policy.

Okay, here we go: Ayers and ACORN.

Obama continues to sound unflappable.

ACORN–any of you know something about this group? I thought they were okay. Isn't it the case that the fake names aren't going to be able to vote anyway?

I'm tired of scare tactics.

"That's absolutely not true." Hope Schieffer will let him complete that thought.

Didn't. Oh, well. Maybe people don't believe McCain.

Running mate question: this has to be a slam dunk for Obama, can't imagine how McCain can answer this effectively.

Biden sounded great as described by Obama.

LP on McCain re Palin: "He's just spewing crap out of his mouth."

(Love that girl.)

Yes, a bresh of freth air.

What work has she done on behalf of special needs prior to the birth of her own special needs child? I'm asking seriously. I really don't know. Obama is gracious about Palin. McCain is not about Biden.

I hear women on CNN didn't like that.

Pure Luck chimes in via chat that he didn't realize LP was so much like me. Where has he been?

As last time, I admit about nuclear power, it's employing my husband. Honey, can we safely store it all?

Commenters wonder: Why is Schieffer repeatedly giving McCain the last word? Well, did you know he's been on Face the Nation *65* times? They're friendly.

I can't believe we're only 49 minutes in; I think Obama is doing beautifully, but I liked him all along. Remember, I stood in line in the snow to go to the caucus, such as it was.

Does it really help to make fun of Obama for being eloquent? Aren't we tired of presidential malapropisms?

Brief technical difficulties, reboot, etc.

Back to the debate, health care: nobody likes it when McCain goes back to talking about Joe the Plumber. (Joan Calvin convinced me to switch to CNN, but those lines are making me nervous.)

Who has gold-plated health insurance that includes cosmetic surgery? Presbyterians, do you get that? Episcopalians? Or would that be sterling? (Heeheehee. Getting punchy here.)

Huh, no litmus test? President Palin would not agree.

It's good they are talking about the Supreme Court. It's good for people to think about who they might appoint.

Joan Calvin points out that reconstructive surgery is covered in some plans; Lord, I would hope so! I think he means the other kind.

Lilly Ledbetter–good move of the conversation, Senator Obama.

Wait, Schieffer says time's up and McCain gets to talk more? What the heck?

I'm so sorry we're doing late term abortion here. I hope Obama gets to answer fully. He does not have his "ready" face now.

McCain, what a charming eye roll.

He did fine.

"Sexuality is sacred." Amen.

By the way, both men and women liked his answer. As soon as McCain started talking again, the lines dropped. Adoption is bringing it up a bit, but moreso with men, interestingly.

Again, McCain with the last word, as well as dissing Obama for knowing how to use English words beautifully. Sigh.

Because really, don't we want a President who is fluent in our language?

"Throwing money at the problem is not the answer." What is, then?

Is it really a good idea to go right from the military to teaching? Again, a serious question.

Vouchers. I find I am suspicious of vouchers. Am I wrong about this?

One thing I am sure of, there is no way to make a case for "No Child Left Behind." Re-authorize it? No way. It's screwed with our schools here. Hate.It.

Does McCain think Palin's child is autistic? he is confusing me. Also, as Iris points out, Mrs. Obama's name is Michelle.

Vouchers, charters, bickering, no one likes this and it's a bad ending to the debate. This is policy wonkery. Any chance we can get to a nobler end?

Still grinning frighteningly on the right there.

For once, McCain NOT getting the last word. At least in theory.

"College for every young person who wants to go." He shot up there.

Well, friends, thank you for holding my hand through this one. I think it went well for Obama and his wife, whatever her name may be. 😉

P.S. I want to know when one of their pollsters is going to call me!!!

P.P.S. Christ Matthews says McCain killed himself with women on the abortion answer, and I hope he's right. How can you belittle exceptions for the life of the mother?

50 thoughts on “Pay No Attention to the Slight Delay, We are Live-Blogging the Debate!”

  1. I guess this is totally subjective, but Obama gives me a sense of peace in the sense that he doesn’t seem to get ruffled. McCain looks nervous to me.

  2. I’m here. McCain grimacing as Obama says McCain’s campaign knows attacking Obama is losing.
    Now McCain is talking about negative attack ads, but each one he references his a policy ad.

  3. can’t watch. already have a tummy ache, don’t need another one, and that’s what mccain gives me…

  4. I’m not watching this, but McCain better remember that he divorced his military wife (spouse). I’m a veteran as well as a wartime military spouse, and I sure don’t support him.
    PS: Blue Star Families for Obama!

  5. He takes turns with the candidates answering first, but why is Bob Shieffer letting McCain have the last word every time??

  6. Palin may recognize the needs of special needs families – she also cut the special education funding in Alaska by 62%.

  7. I’m watching CNN with a response ticker for men and women. Women dropped way down on McCains response on how wrong Biden had been on voting on the Middle East.

  8. My bad – in the Palin special education funding cut – that is not true – because funding was redirected to a new line item. It was not cut by 62%.

  9. Reasonably yes, but not forever. The only real solution would be to transport it into the sun, or reprocess it to extract anything useful from it which would still leave some. A lot of it will be deadly for 10’s of thousands of years. On the flip side the Manhattan project already opened that particular barn door. All we can discuss now is the amount of real estate we want to commit.

  10. Obama’s positive response on CNN has it the top of the chart. McCain’s just dropped; split women reacting much more negatively than men

  11. MSNBC First Read has a good detail of Obama’s conversation with Joe…
    And I LOVE the Montgomery Burns comparison.

  12. Those eyes..those eyes!!! they dart, they blink..there they go…
    ugh, make him stop.
    roe v wade,
    excuse me?

  13. Actually I believe mine does: reconstructive surgery for accidents and for mastecomies (I can’t spell) Wouldn’t everyone want coverage for that?

  14. This Episcopalian has plain old everyday life insurance. No gold or sterling, but very thankful for what she has 🙂

  15. Songbird, I have no doubt that the Republicans would permit insurance companies to limit their coverage to exclude virtually everything they want to. I don’t trust them and I was a Republican until about 1992.

  16. McCain disses “health of the mother”. The rights of the unborn trump the mother. I’m scared.

  17. How does Palin know so much about autism? Her child has Down Syndrome – two very different disabilities. Faux Pas, Senator McCain.

  18. Michelle. Her name is Michelle.
    Her name is “Mrs. That One.”
    On vouchers–they are a problem because they benefit fewer than all the children and they undermine the public schools by taking the children whose parents care enough to get vouchers out of the schools.
    And there was McCain’s final statement: there aren’t enough vouchers so they don’t work, with that smirky look.
    On smirky looks–W had one, but not everyone seemed to think it was ookey. Why does it bother some but not everyone.

  19. “I will work tirelessly. I won’t spend 1/2 of my presidency on vacation. I have no brush to clear.”

  20. At the end. Obama put his hand on Michelle’s back. The McCain’s were angeled in a V and then Cindy put her hand on McCain’s back. Guesses on marriages?

  21. McCain scored a few points, perhaps, but Obama won the game tonight. Unflappable. Calm and steady.

  22. McCain came across as condescending and peevish. (Gosh, I hardly ever get to use that word.) He also mixed apples and oranges in his answers a lot. Obama definitely seems more “presidential.”

  23. No gold-plated health care for Presbyterians. I fought for six months for them to cover my mammogram this year. OTOH, I did get an email from the Board of Pensions saying “YOUR PENSIONS ARE SAFE.” So yay, I guess.
    Loved this post. Great live-blogging.

  24. I wanted to see Obama bring up the fact that when Palin was mayor of Wasilla, her town was one of the only ones in Alaska that made rape victims pay for their own medical rape kits. Know why? Because most such kits contain a morning-after pill to prevent implantation. That’s because Palin is anti-choice even in cases of rape and incest and when the mother’s health is at risk. See http://mediamatters.org/columns/200810070007.
    I also wanted Obama to bring up McCain’s role in the Keating Five, when McC’s greed and that of his co-conspirators, as part of the larger savings and loan scandal of the late ’80s and early ’90s, set the tone for his being in the pockets of lobbyists of all stripes today, helping set the foundations for our now-failed economy. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keating_Five and

  25. I’m sorry and not sorry that I missed this (due to choir practice).
    When I got home my conservative husband was watching the follow up and grousing about, “yeah, just take the money away from the rich guys and give it to everyone else, that’s what I want to do!” Etc. ad nauseam.
    I pointed out to him that Jesus would have been pretty much for that, also.
    He was speechless for a long time. Score!

  26. “P.P.S. Christ Matthews says …”
    Yeah, I’ll confess that I’ve been annoyed enough at Matthews in the past to swear: “Christ, Matthews! You’re an idiot!” ;-))

  27. Of course McCain doesn’t like the idea of throwing money at a problem – that’s money Obama wants to get by making the super wealthy pay taxes.
    McCain keeps harping on the 35% tax rate businesses face. He’s forgetting the countless loopholes, deductions, and tax dodges that bring the actual taxes paid by many large corporations to almost nothing.
    McCain looks like an angry toad to me. Last night I got the feeling he’d practiced some of the eye rolls and smirks. They seemed very exaggerated.

  28. I’m with Iris on the Morse Code thing. McCain’s facial movements are so strangely stylized, they must be “about” something…or maybe he has Tourette’s Syndrome, which would explain his whole “I feel your pain” thing with the Special Needs/Autism demographic.
    Would it be out of line to say that McCain is a “tic-ing” time bomb? Sorry.

  29. McCain looked like an embalmed corpse at times with that lighting…sorry, just my opinion. They need to go lighter on the cake make-up.
    Cindy still looks like a Stepford Wife.

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