After Collage

Interlochen Parents Weekend 004

I've just returned from Collage, a spectacular evening of performances by Land O'Lakes students of all disciplines. Before the program began, we saw a slideshow of work by painters, photographers, metal workers and other visual artists. The program began with the band and ended with the orchestra playing an excerpt from the Barber Second Essay, Opus 17. Sadly, this excerpt did not include Snowman's solo, but today we went to the Scholarshop and bought a recording of the Orchestra concert from two weeks ago, and tomorrow I will listen to the Barber and the Brahms First with him in one of the library's listening rooms.

In between we heard poets and singers and actors, many instrumental ensembles, a short film, dancers, even an organist. Aside from the orchestra, I want to praise our friend, C., from Maine, who gave a soliloquy from Hamlet, and the fabulous quartet that performed "Martian Tribes," a piece for Marimba performed in a darkened hall with glowing mallets!!

As you can see from the picture, this mother was glowing, too.

19 thoughts on “After Collage”

  1. Isn’t it great when the kids actually do the things we have spent their lives telling them they can do? Self fulfilling prophecy here. I go see my grands at every opportunity and clap loudly.

  2. I would have loved to have seen/heard the marimba piece–that’s what I played in the band backin teh day (but not that well)

  3. It’s written all over your face….and in your words as well.
    Congratulations. There are times where parenting feels just so good!

  4. Oh how wonderful – and Snowman in his recently elongated form looks splendid too. I’m looking forward to being part of his international fanbase as discussed 🙂 xx

  5. I see a very proud Mama there – rightly so. What an interesting concert with such diverse talent!

  6. You both clean up real good! One of our joys when Cordeliaknits and Sisterfilms were at the state arts high in Another State Beginning with M was the art shows (for C) and the musical evenings (for S) when we got to see and hear not only our own offspring but their fantastically talented classmates. Sounds like you’re having a good time even without the Kindle!

  7. Oh my, he looks so… all grown up! I know you were beaming with pride and I am sure he is so thrilled you are there this weekend. ;c)

  8. Glory! That’s what I said, that’s what it looks like.
    thanks for letting us in on it.

  9. You must be so proud of him. LO’L School is a pretty danged impressive place. Glad he is flourishing there!

  10. Who needs a kindle for entertainment when you have such a wonderful weekend!! You both look great in the picture – that’s one to frame!!

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