A Room with a View

I'm writing to you from Land O'Lakes Arts Academy, having arrived for Parents Weekend. Snowman has class for another half hour, so I am marking time waiting for him. My trip went smoothly, both flights amazingly close to on time.

One wrinkle: my plan to carry only the Kindle for entertainment collapsed when I slipped on my way to bed last night and cracked its case.

I'll pause for your collective gasp of horror.

(I have a number to call at Amazon, but I doubt they'll be able to do anything. At least they answered my email promptly and kindly, saying they hoped I was okay.)

You'll be happy to know that other than a mildly jammed toe and sore wrists from the landing, I am not badly injured. The Kindle is another matter.

My penance: two flights with no reading material, as the security lines in City By the Sea and the short layover in the Motor City prevented the purchase of so much as a newspaper.

But I am here now. In my lakeview room, I have a view, wireless and a TV so old that you change the channel with buttons, and only the "down" button works. I think I'll leave it on MSNBC, because it's a long way around 99 channels changed manually when your hands hurt.

Here is my view:

Interlochen Parents Weekend 009

More later!

21 thoughts on “A Room with a View”

  1. Exhaling… my, Songbird, so glad you are OK, but so hate to hear about your reading partner. Hopefully they can help you repair things. The view is lovely, and so glad the trip was as good as it could be without reading something.

  2. Oh, NO! About you falling down! and the Kindle! Augh!
    Glad you are there safely, on time, and with a lovely view. Have a gorgeous weekend!

  3. Looks beautiful, Songbird! I am so glad you were not badly hurt! But I have no idea how you actually sat on a plane for so long with nothing to read, I would have gone nuts. Take care and find a good bookstore 🙂

  4. Poor thing! Praying for quick healing… and Amazon being able to do SOMETHING helpful…
    Love the view.
    Pax, C.

  5. Ah…..are you in the stone center?
    beautiful view, and much oohing and ahing over son’s performances still to come!

  6. Oh, I’m so glad that your fall didn’t result in any part of you getting broken or strained.
    That view is gorgeous! Looks like the perfect spot to sit down and have a heart-to-heart with Snowman. I just can’t help thinking that God prefers hanging out most often in beautiful places outdoors.

  7. Enjoy the gift of time with your son. I’m glad you’re not as injured as your Kindle. Hope that can be fixed.

  8. Nooooooooo! Not the Kindle!!! (I still covet it, even when it’s broken.)
    Glad you are ok… Enjoy your time there!

  9. I trust there’s a bookstore somewhere behind a tree where you can get reading matter for the return trip? Enjoy the visit. that looks lovely!

  10. No, not the Kindle! First the dog, now the Kindle–I feel your pain!

  11. Don’t give up on Amazon. They want the Kindle to be a success. Not fixing them when no service plan is offered (at the time yours was purchased) means they’ll do something for you.
    Glad you are safe and with your boy.
    Hope your aches and pains ease.

  12. Who needs the TV with that lovely view.
    Well, except after it gets dark…
    Sorry about the Kindle! (I’m with Barbara on the coveting.) And the toe! And the wrists!

  13. Not being able to read is my most hated “thing-to-give-up” regardless of the reason for it.
    have a great time, you’re in my prayers

  14. The view is beautiful. So sorry to hear about the Kindle – and I hope the soreness is short lived.
    Keep us up to date on the Kindle and Amazon’s response.

  15. Hey Songbird,
    I am so glad to hear you are OK. Have fun with your son. Sorry about your kindle. Bummer.
    Peace and love,

  16. Having enjoyed many a concert near that overlook…I can almost hear the Interlochen theme when I see that photo!

  17. glad you are OK! and the view is lovely. and it is wonderful to visit your kid, eh?
    but songbird — never never never travel without paperbacks. i’ve lost a paperback or 2 by leaving them someplace, and they’d be spongy if the plane went down or i dropped them in the bathtub — but otherwise, they are reliable and inexpensive.

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