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This morning I put Sam in the car for a ride to the vet, to have his teeth cleaned. After we arrived, our plans for the day unraveled. Sam has a hot spot, and the vet preferred to wait on this elective tooth cleaning and get the hot spot cleared up first.

Then we discussed his weight, which was surprisingly low. He used to weigh about 125 pounds, which was too much. As the judge at a "pet" show for Bernese Mountain Dogs once said, "He likes his cream puffs." When he had an infected nail bed last spring, he lost 9 or 10 pounds, which seemed like a lot, but he looked good at 115 or 116. He weighed 115 at his check-up a month ago.

Today he weighed 107.

That scared me. There's no doubt, his appetite has been off. But 8 pounds in a month? That's too much.

They drew blood to send out for various tests.

We came home with antibiotics for the hot spot. He ate a good breakfast, but tonight is off his food again. And in the morning I'm leaving for four days in a Mitten-Shaped State.

I hate to leave him behind. We have a good friend coming to stay, and the dog walker he loves will come by several times, but oh! I hate it.

Yet I am leaving him to visit my beloved human child, a visit I'm very excited to make.

Poor Sam. This morning he sprang around the yard, but when you take his food to the accustomed spot, you never know if he will chow down or simply lie down and look puzzled and a little bit sad. I hope the blood work will reveal something, or at least eliminate major worries.

Molly and Sam are the only dogs I've ever owned. I had no idea it would feel so deep, this love for dogs. He may be fine, I hope he will be fine, but tonight, I'm a worried Dog Mother.

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  1. I probably should know this but: what is a hot spot?
    And I wish you safe travels to the place very near to me. If only I was a better swimmer.
    Or just a swimmer, now that I think about it.

  2. Oh, poor Mama, poor Sam.
    I feel this so much for you: I have my first dogs (for about 6 years now) and they are absolutely my children. I am fierce about them, foolish about them. Last weekend I spent an insane amount on a babysitter for them (for an hour).
    Travelling mercies to you, and blessings of the Paw of Power to Sam. Josie and Boudreaux would bark fiercely at him if they were there…sorry, they are kind of stupid when it comes to really big dogs who could eat them in a bite. But it’s their way of saying Howdy, partner.

  3. Oh, Songbird, I’m so sorry. We’ll be praying for you and him. Abby and new dog Amity say hi and woof. Peace.

  4. Hopefully, it’s just his teeth. Maybe there is something going on and once the doctor can get in there, she can fix it.

  5. Lisa V, I asked about that, but the vet we saw this morning said the teeth had tartar, but the cleaning was really elective, no abscesses or broken teeth.
    Naturally, just after I worked myself into a state, he asked for his dinner. And ate it. Then asked for a cookie. Then asked for another one. Then followed Molly in and out of the house hoping for *another* one!
    It’s the up and down-ness that is driving me crazy.

  6. I completely understand what you’re feeling. Our dog has had a multitude of health issues this summer, and he’s only a three-year-old. At one point, the vet was testing him for Addison’s disease. He turned out not to have it, although he does have other chronic conditions. Smokey and I are holding Sam in our thoughts and prayers.

  7. We got a dog when my son was about 6. He died at 12 or so. (the dog, not my son) My son lost his grandfather about the same time. He was concerned because he was sadder about the loss of the dog than his grandfather. I told him, he had spent more time with the dog than his grandfather, so it was understandable. (His grandparents were difficult people to be as polite as I can.) Dogs are wonderful gifts to us.

  8. Being a dog mother has many great benefits, but boy does it come with a few extra scoops of worry.
    I hope everything works out well for Sam and you too Mom.

  9. Oh, that’s a hard thing to wait for (the test results, I mean). I hope everything turns out okay, and that you enjoy the Mitten-shaped state visit despite the worries.

  10. Hope Sam is back on his feed soon. Dogs (and cats) are just like kids in so many ways, including the worry factor.
    Hope you have a great trip.

  11. :c( I hope, like everyone else said, it’s something with his teeth or even the hot spot making him feel a bit under the weather.

  12. I know just what you mean about dogs, and I do hope Sam will be fine!

  13. Mmmn…Libby, Mufti and I all share your concern…though Mufti says to tell you that after I’d cried myself to sleep over her presumed “Breast cancer” in the summer, she turned out to have an insect bite – so try not to fret too much.
    And enjoy your time with Snowman. Is he playing in a concert while you’re there?

  14. ((((Songbird the Dog Mother))))
    I, too, had no idea how deep the love would be for these joyful creatures we take into our families.

  15. Songbird, I hope Sam is well. My big beloved Bering – a blue-eyed Husky Shepherd mix that I called a Siberian Shepherd (that sent the purebred-owning snobs into a tizzy at his Doggie School – a couple of them actually went home, researched “the breed,” couldn’t find anything, and assumed it must be a really rare or “new” breed, hehehhe) – tipped the scales around 110, and always got hot spots this time of year, due to his allergies.
    The steroid treatments made him ravenously hungry – one time he ate the binding off a stack of antique books, another time he ate a cardboard box, and this was a dog with no concept of how to be naughty. But oral antibiotics really did a number on his stomach and he didn’t want to eat, lost weight, etc… So the vet tried milder oral meds in combination with a topical antibiotic. The topical spray had an added benefit: it tasted horrible so he didn’t lick or bite the hot spots. From then on, he got a couple of good sprays at the first indication of a hot spot, and the topical antibiotic cleared up the hot spot before it spread. I hope it’s as simple as that for Sam!

  16. Oh, poor you and Sam…I hope the tests turn out to be helpful. Amie has been sort of hot and cold toward her food like that, but is eating well since we gave in and added some canned food to her diet. Hugs to you both (and Molly too).

  17. Prayers are with you and Sam that the tests will reveal what can be dealt with. They are our faithful loving partners/companions and we give them the best care and they give us the best of their love. Hoping you will find out soon.
    Oooo, too bad about your Kindle, tough break! (pun intended!!)

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