I wasn’t planning to live-blog the debate, but…

  • Did McCain just say he would buy up all the bad mortgages and re-negotiate them, but not raise taxes on anyone?
  • All that walking in circles puts your back to the camera. Just sayin'.
  • Talking about suspending your campaign…maybe not so smart. And Senator O? Try not to chuckle at him, okay?
  • Okay, blaming the sub-prime crisis on Obama and his cronies? Go ahead and chuckle, I've changed my mind.
  • We're back to the fundamentals: workers. Will he ever stop trying to defend that goof-up?
  • "How can we trust either of you with our money?" That's a very good question.
  • Is he warm enough, Obama? People always say he runs too cool, and I actually like that about him. If McCain walked right up to me like that, I would be shrinking back. He's intense!
  • Also, he says the same things the same way, over and over again.
  • And I want to add that the war is very, very expensive, and certain self-proclaimed earmark attackers are also very, very pro-war?
  • I'd rather see the money spent on grizzly bear DNA studies.
  • Health care, energy, entitlement reforms: what are your priorities? McCain says you can do all three at once. What makes him think the Democrats would even want to reach back across the aisle after this hateful, racially-tinged campaign?
  • Did he just say some of the money would end up funding terrorist organizations?
  • Obama knows how much they're spending for gas in Nashville. I love him.
  • But you knew that.
  • Also, he doesn't claim we can do it all.
  • McCain gets the first question from the Internet. Okay, now he's admitting we have to make actual cuts.
  • I just feel like he seems so old school, so 1992.
  • What overhead projector, did I miss something?
  • Please remember your own record with regard to support of veterans, Senator M.
  • (This is exhausting.)
  • Okay, now he's saying he'll get 'em all done.
  • First really false note for Obama: "A lot of you remember 9/11." A lot of you? That was just wrongly worded.
  • Although this answer about service rocked. Can they use actors and musicians in the Peace Corps?
  • Sorry, that last question was selfish.
  • On the whole, I think Obama sounds smart but not egg-headed. Although I really would like an elite-level brain as President, please.
  • I don't think Senator Obama's tax plan is a secret.
  • I think I just heard McCain would give me a $70,000 exemption per child. That works out well for the Palin family, eh?
  • Brokaw. I don't like him anymore. He lets McCain misrepresent Obama and then won't let him rebut. Is this a frickin' debate?
  • This whole thing about small businesses kills me. Is there no category in between small business and big business? I just feel income of over a quarter of a million dollars a year is not "small." If I'm wrong, I hope someone will explain it to me.
  • I love Obama for answering the other question. McCain ought not complain about it after Palin's performance last week.
  • OMG. The answer to climate change: NUCLEAR POWER. Obviously.
  • Disclaimer: Pure Luck is a Nuke Worker.
  • Irony Alert: I don't think nuclear power is the answer to climate change.
  • Although it may keep a roof over our heads when all the churches close due to the economic crisis.
  • Did McCain just gesture towards Obama and say "that one?" 
  • I hate to break it to McCain, but triangulating with the moderator against the other candidate? None-too-Mavericky.
  • I don't believe Obama will fine families over healthcare. What is that all about?
  • Also, where is that $5000 health care credit coming from?
  • Oh my God. He made fun of Biden. Smooth move, Ex-Lax. Let's insult a guy who buried his mother's wife today.
  • (Added Wednesday morning–Okay, I meant wife's mother. This is how rumors start…)
  • Health care is a right. Absolutely.
  • At least Obama understands what it's like for someone he loves to struggle with an insurance company. 
  • But I would have liked an answer about the fine.
  • Peacekeepers. Just like the missiles.
  • Sorry, brief interruption. What did I miss? It's 10:02 now.
  • Obama Doctrine: Be great here, okay?
  • Family moment here, totally missing this part.
  • It's 10:18. We've been talking about assisted suicide, pro or con, at my house. A school project. What did I miss?
  • Aren't we done with the preconditions yet?
  • I don't think I could get a job as a political blogger. I answered two work emails and stopped listening briefly.
  • "What don't you know, and how will you learn it?"
  • Oh, I love Michelle Obama.
  • And he's telling his story in short form and very, very well.
  • McCain knows everything except the future? Wow.
  • Phew. I am relieved this is over now. Can't wait to hear about the snap polls! Feel free to give your thoughts in the comments. Who won? Who lost? Who scared you?

40 thoughts on “I wasn’t planning to live-blog the debate, but…”

  1. Exactly what I’ve been thinking. Can’t they just sit still?
    And if he says “energy independence” again I’ll gag.

  2. Not a good move to say that “we can’t provide the same benefits” for today’s worker I don’t think. And he’s back to energy again. What about health care? And what is this $700 billion in the hands of terrorists?

  3. And where is the money going to come from to give all those tax rebates and extra exemptions? I just don’t get it.

  4. for a 70,000 exemption I’m having a dozen kids!
    The “overhead projector” was (I am only partly watching, so this may be only partly right) was a projector for a planetarium in Chicago. I don’t think it is an overhead projector like I have in the office, but the one that puts the stars on the ceiling of the planetarium

  5. Seriously, how far does $5000 go? That wouldn’t even pay for my health insurance alone.

  6. not. far. at. all.
    And it’s even less when you consider he would tax your employer paid healthcare benefits.
    McCain is being a total asshat tonight. I used to respect him- I really did.
    I do wish Obama would stay in the time limit.

  7. The $5000 health credit is funded by moving health ins premiums to individuals instead of companies which will give the money to the individuals (really?) therefore count as income which will be taxed and there will be no medical expense reduction of any kind other than the $5000 which covers premiums and out of pocket costs (goodbye AFLAC, goodbye benefits)

  8. $5K is NOTHING for a family to buy health care- that will get you $7500 deductible, no eyes, no teeth.
    Who has time to look state to state for insurance?
    I’m paying $4800 a year right now, best policy we can find and it’s only catastrophic.

  9. Absolutely. Universal health care is a basic human right. I simply cannot get my brain around the fact that the US still doesn’t support it. Crossing my fingers for all of you that the next administration will get it done.

  10. Sue, the Republicans tell us that you Canadians hate your healthcare system and wish you were us. *rolls eyes*

  11. yes,he did say “that one.” I have lost all interest and am going to bed. You have more stamina than I do!

  12. I can’t stand to watch these things, so I don’t. But I appreciate your efforts here. I was hoping for a McCain meltdown. No such luck, huh?

  13. I must confess that I just dozed off and missed Obama’s closing statement. But McCain–gah!

  14. McCain scares me. I don’t know how much of it is good instinct, and how much is politically motivated. (Like LBJ’s use of the mushroom cloud…)

  15. Yeah, I quit watching after the “that one” remark also.
    Interestingly, my DH received a copy of Rolling Stone in the mail today (which is odd because we don’t subscribe to it)…I used to take it in college but haven’t read it in years. It has a very revealing article about McCain, including some excessively horrible things he said to his wife (current wife) on a tired night in front of reporters.

  16. I felt like I’d heard pretty much all of this at the first debate (except the government buying all the mortgages… that was new! And he accused Obama of big new spending!).
    Obama won, clearly. I think this thing is just about over.

  17. Here’s what AP writers said on Fact Checking regarding health care
    McCAIN: Said he would provide a $5,000 refundable tax credit for families to buy health insurance “rather than mandates or fines for small businesses as Senator Obama’s plan calls for.”
    THE FACTS: Obama’s health care plan does not impose mandates or fines on small business. He would provide small businesses with a refundable tax credit of up to 50 percent on health premiums paid on behalf of their employees. Also, large employers that do not offer meaningful coverage or contribute to the cost of coverage would be required to pay a percentage of payroll toward the costs of a public insurance plan. But small businesses would be exempt from that requirement.
    OBAMA: Said McCain’s proposal to give people a tax credit in exchange for treating employers’ health insurance contributions as taxable wages amounts to “what one hand giveth, the other hand taketh away.”
    THE FACTS: Obama’s suggestion that McCain’s health care plan is a wash for families is misleading. McCain offers families a $5,000 tax credit to help them buy health insurance. The corresponding increase in taxable wages would result in a much smaller cost than the value of the tax credit, at least at first. Over time, the value of the tax credit may diminish as premiums rise. However, the Tax Policy Center estimates that McCain’s plan would increase the federal deficit by $1.3 trillion over 10 years โ€” mainly because it would lead to less tax revenue coming in, meaning it is a true tax break overall.

  18. The fining for not having insurance–is based on the Massachusetts health plan I believe. There is a penalty if you don’t have insurance, but I don’t think anyone is fined per se (although I could be wrong).
    I don’t think the Mass plan is adequate and I know Obama and Deval Patrick are buddies and have talked about it; that said it’s still a lot better than McCain’s bogus tax rebate. In my world tax rebates don’t put enough money in your pocket to really help much.

  19. Deval Patrick is Massachusetts’ governor btw–I forget y’all don’t all live here ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Deval Patrick is Massachusetts’ governor btw–I forget y’all don’t all live here ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Got it, RDM!
    vicar, thanks for the health care facts.
    I just slept through an hour of post-debate coverage. I’ll check back here in the morning.

  22. thanks so much for this – I was at a church meeting all night and now I feel like I didnt miss a word ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. “a guy who buried his mother’s wife today.”
    Joe Biden’s mother is a lesbian. Pass it on.
    (Wait, now am I making fun? Better go to bed before I do anything else tasteless)

  24. Got it, RDM!
    vicar, thanks for the health care facts.
    I just slept through an hour of post-debate coverage. I’ll check back here in the morning.

  25. #1- Indeed, McCain’s standing and then wondering around, even when Obama was trying to answer questions was beyond rude and odd. Does he need some Aricept? Geeez, sit down!
    #2- As someone who works at a public hospital, let me assure you that the population of people I deal with on a daily basis, and who frequent the ER for things non-emergent, are NOT going to take that $5000 tax credit and “purchase insurance” for themselves, ok? I’m just sayin’…
    #3- McCain sounded, and looked like, an angry and annoyed crotchety old man. He was on the defensive the entire time. He continues to speak in a condescending sing-song voice that is like fingernails on a chalkboard for me. And, the grin reminds me of Dr. Evil in Austin Powers.
    #4- The “that one” comment left me just flabbergasted.
    #5- Obama was smooth and articulate in his speech, and did not appear the least bit ruffled by McCain. In fact, it was almost amusement I sensed. Like a cat playing with a mouse.
    #6- After this second debate, I can’t imagine there is not a clear choice here.

  26. thanks to the vicar for the fact checks. helpful.
    i was disgusted with mccain and disappointed in obama last night. it was a rough night. thanks for highlighting some of the better moments, songbird.

  27. I was stunned at the “that one” comment. And really, McCain? I am not your friend.

  28. I had to watch the debate late because of a church activity last night. Reading your running commentary in retrospect was very interesting.
    Overall, I thought McCain came across as smug and condescending, not just to Obama but to the audience as well. I was ready to pull out his last remaining hairs for saying “My friends” so much.
    I thought Obama seemed calm and reassuring. I think with all the crap going on right now that maybe level-headed and intellectual will be more appealing than smarmy, folksy. I’m thinking how reassuring FDR was during our last big crisis. He was a well-educated patrician if there ever was one, but people knew he cared about them. I’m thinking maybe the public is starting to get the same vibe from Obama.

  29. The truth: I didn’t watch. I’ve known my choice for months (Obama) and, frankly, nothing I’ve seen, heard or read has even come close to remotely suggesting the possibility of beginning to consider changing my mind. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Besides, it’s more fun to catch the Daily Show recap the next night, anyway.

  30. KnittinPreacher is right about the “overhead projector” being a high tech celestial projctor for the Planetarium.
    As for health care being a right, responsibility, or a privilege, the sad fact is right now it’s a privilege that *should* be a right. Speaking as one of the under-insured, I spend so much on my high-deductible premiums and HSA now that I can’t afford the co-pays. I just had the annual mammogram, and will have to pay out-of-pocket, in installments as usual (the two times I’ve needed biopsies, it took me about a year to pay off my $2,600 deductible each time). So my coverage is for catastrophic illness only. That’s terrifying, since my sister lost her health insurance when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The MAJOR company that canceled her policy didn’t pay a dime, and nearly ten years later she’s healthy (thank God!) but still paying off her medical debt. The only coverage she can get now is through a state-run program for “the un-insurable” that costs her over $800/month (for ONE person, not a family)…the irony is it’s run by the very insurance company who terminated her policy when she was halfway through chemo – which they tried to call a “prescription” since prescriptions weren’t covered by that policy.
    Sorry. I get a bit worked up when it comes to health care. And hearing McCain call it a “responsibility” made me cringe, since millions of us are un-insured or under-insured while insurance companies continue denying coverage and canceling long-held policies.

  31. As a member of a family with two self-employed adults, I want to know how both candidates propose to give the self-employed affordable health insurance.
    And I wanted to see McCain totally lose his temper or say several off-the-wall things the way he does out on the campaign trail, so that people would see that his mind really is no longer functioning well. I do not want that man–or Palin, should he die or be declared mentally unfit–with a finger on the nuke-the-world button.

  32. la reina, that is heartbreaking about your sister, and that the coverage you can get is so inadequate. katharine has a good question, too, about affordable coverage for self-employed people — or anyone else who lacks employer coverage.
    the debates get me all worked up, but i can’t not watch. it blew me away that the USSR and ronnie reagan’s ghost were right there in the room; that *the* solution to climate change is nuclear power; that the big choice point is “a cooler hand at the tiller,” whatever that means.
    at least M could pronounce nuclear, i’ll give him that. but he couldn’t pronounce a lot of other stuff: protectionism, “funamental” economics, he tripped over “hydrogen,” etc. there were parts i could not follow at all — billions going to terrorists, something about a commission to study medicare, most of his comments about taxation.

  33. Katharine & Kathy are onto the other half of my issues with health care. My sister and I are both self-employed, too, making the high cost and lack of certainty of health care even more stressful. Sure, we get to deduct our premiums on our income taxes, but first we have to scrape the money together to pay them.

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