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In the winter of 2004-2005, I began to move from the most basic of blogs to adding features in the sidebar I saw others using. I believe I first saw a Site Meter at jo(e)'s place. As I did with everything else I liked in blogging, I figured out how to add one. It was February of 2005. When I moved to Typepad, I brought the counter with me, and when I made this my primary blog, I switched it here, too. I made a choice early on to "ignore" my own visits.

This morning, just a few minutes ago, visitor #200,000 stopped by. If you are a Roadrunner user somewhere in the vicinity of Carrollton, Texas, I hope you'll e-mail me; I'll send you a little prize! I promise I will maintain your anonymity if that's important.

I have a lot of visitors from Texas; I hope I'll get to be there in person someday. (Keep rooting for Snowman to go to school in Austin, okay? It's one of the possibilities he's pursuing.)

We still have a ways to go on the comment prize…so keep talking!

27 thoughts on “200,000”

  1. does sitemeter count comments as well? if not, how do you know how many comments you’ve had overall? I’m intrigued, I admit. I did look up my stats and since I added a new counter sometime last year (don’t know when exactly, just sometime in 2007) I have almost 20,000, which is pretty awesome too. I feel less lame now.
    But I still want to know how to figure out all these other cool things you people always seem to know!!!

  2. I know that Blogger counts posts, but I have not been able to find out how to add the site meter (but I have not looked that hard for it!).

  3. Does jo(e) know there’s a prize involved? That should be good for 20-30 comments right there.
    Congratulations on the milestones, Songbird!

  4. Typepad counts your comments, Teri, so that makes it easy.
    Phantom, seriously! Where is she?

  5. ooohhh – i’ll bet i know who the mystery visitor was… my same first name maybe?! wouldn;t that be fun?
    did not know about site meters *off to check it out*

  6. Whoo-hoo! I’m the winner! I was up early because today was the consecration of and first worship in our new sanctuary, and I was ready a few minutes sooner than necessary… so I checked in on a few favorite blogs.
    Now, back to my recovery from such a high-energy morning… perhaps I’ll blog it tonight…

  7. Yeah, where is jo(e)–she’s always good to run up the comments for a prize. Me, I never win anything.
    Congrats on the milestones! I’m really glad you’re here.

  8. Hurray for DogBlogger!
    We’ve got a ways to go yet on the comments, so keep ’em comin’, as a certain politician might say…

  9. Jo(e) twittered something about going to Green Lakes with her husband & camera. We’re going to have to run up the score without her.

  10. Well, we could talk about Sarah Palin some more, but the editorials in the NY Times do a really good job of covering all the ways she’s demonstrated her lack of qualifications.
    So, how’s the weather? 🙂

  11. I wish Tina Fey would run for VP. Maybe on a ticket with Jon Stewart. I suppose that’s been said before.
    However snarky I may be, however, I am quite satisfied with the alternative.

  12. Haha, Tina Fey! That would rock.
    Home from Evensong and very very tired. We are ordering pizza and I’m headed out for more beer (cause it seems really important).
    Anyone want some? Come on over!

  13. What was your favorite line from the SNL version of the debate? I’m going with “Marriage is a sacred institution between two unwilling teenagers.”

  14. Here’s my contribution. I guess I’ll talk about the weather. It was over 90 here today. October, huh?

  15. It was really nice here, esperanza, but that’s the beauty of New England.
    Anyone know anything about Theology of the Body? I’m watching a Catholic cable channel while I wait for the dryer cycle to end. A man is telling me that human sex is about procreativity, but animal sex is only copulation.

  16. I am sorry that PL has left you home alone(ish), but I like this time of year because you write more for us.
    Selfish, I am.
    I saw a picture on Jo(e)’s blog with those leafy colors y’all are talking about….pretty, but I’d trade my pine greens that don’t change for avoiding shoveling snow.

  17. Are you SURE #200,000 wasn’t from Washington state? I demand a recount!!! 🙂

  18. Songbird, I heard a fascinating lecture on the theology of the body on Saturday. Unless I break this up into mini-comments it’s not going to further my purpose, but in brief: Genesis 1 shows God making all kinds of animals, but only humans are explicitly made “male and female.” In the speaker’s view, this makes the opposite point of your Catholic cable guy: that God’s intention for human partnership exceeds simply procreation (because it’s not good to be alone).

  19. His second point, using NT sources, was that God’s intentions for human partnership are not necessarily limited to “male and female” either. It was nice to hear a scriptural argument along those lines.

  20. Whoops, somehow my follow-up comment has apparently flown off into the ether, but the speaker also used NT sources to show that God’s intention for human partnership is not necessarily limited to “male and female.” Yay for exegesis.

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