22 thoughts on “Oh, no worries, then.”

  1. I’m having a hard time even watching. I wish she would articulate her words. It seems a small point, but for mercy’s sake, put “ING” on the end of a word like “askin'” – and I wish she would stop saying “GONNA”.
    Veep camp wasn’t enough. This woman is scary.

  2. You betcha she is!
    We’re up to about 10 “nuculars” now.
    I must admit I don’t love it when Joe Biden refers to himself in the third person.

  3. “My kids as public school — uh — participants right now is near and dear to my heart.”

  4. I loved Gwen, but she never touched on women’s issues: on Roe or on the rape kits controversy. Sigh.

  5. The latter would have been a great question. This was all pretty soft on Palin.

  6. I kept expecting Gwen Ifil to call her on NEVER addressing the question asked but she didn’t.
    Like Sue, her folksy speech made me nuts. Please. It’s okay to be articulate, to use good grammar and to enunciate properly.

  7. I am shaking my head at the after pundit-ing giving her far more credit than she earned, IMO. It gets scarier yet!
    (LOVED Joe Biden)

  8. They did the same thing with McCain last week, but the polls showed voters preferred Obama. I’m not worried. (No, I’m really not.) (Which may be scary.)

  9. I’m with Jeremy… disappointed that no questions were asked on basic women’s rights issues… even equal pay for equal work, for heaven’s sake.
    I too liked the tearing up. It annoyed my partner though. (She thinks SP is cute. GAAAHHHH!)

  10. What I found really scary was her vision of the vice presidency needed more power over the legislature. And none of the pundits jumped on it.

  11. biden did great. i flunked her for not answering the questions asked — HELLO, a question about bankruptcy does not call for a lecture on how much oil is in alaska.
    flunked her again for the “nukular” pronunciations, x however many.
    and too bad she wasn’t asked about any women’s rights or privacy issues. or anything else hard, like the recent expansion of the executive branch, or exactly what does she mean about the separation of church and state — only that government should not dictate the church, or is she willing to keep church out of the state?

  12. For what it’s worth: the drinking game was a bad idea.
    But the bingo was fun! Made the whole thing livable.
    Elias Chacour (palestinian-israeli archbishop of galilee) said something I’ll never forget during a speech he made in Cairo in 2006: “tolerate is what you do until you can get rid of someone–it’s very different from accepting.” That’s what I was thinking when she kept saying that.
    And DUDE–answer the F****** question!!!! ugh!

  13. The choice of the word, “tolerate”,and I do believe it was a very thought out choice, “cranked my case” (just throwing in a little Palinism or Bushism because I can:) I hadn’t even heard of Elias Chacour until Teri just quoted him but, I turned to hubby and said, “Tolerate is what you do when there’s a fly in the house and you don’t have a flyswatter handy.” But the campaign would not want to use the word “accepting” because that would p-off their biggest base. I guess they thought we’d be stupid enough to not know the difference between tolerate and accept.
    And even though I have quite an extensive list of “quaint” and not so quaint colloquial expressions that weave their way into my conversations, I had had enough ’bout haf way through and was gonna scream or nukular any second.

  14. Didn’t you get the memo? She got bonus points just for showing up. When she twice screwed up a General’s name, you could see Biden fighting his urge not to correct her. I’m sorry, but it’s the 21st Century, and if a male candidate (or Hillary Clinton!) had made such an obvious mistake, Biden would have corrected him, so why cut her slack for being a girl? Palin sure tried to correct Biden – when she wasn’t rambling way off topic and winking at the audience. Does the GOP seriously think flirting with the audience is going to change opinions? (I was glad that CNN’s audience response test group – all undecided Ohio voters – seemed to like Biden more than Palin!)
    I like all of the comments here about “tolerate.” When Palin said that in reference to her friends and family, I thought “I bet they tolerate HER and her whacked out ideas, too.”

  15. I got SO aggravated by “nucular” that I put a pillow over my head and woke up 2 hours later. I think I am glad.
    I HATE that mispronunciation. More than ANYTHING!

  16. Just read this in a news story:
    “And most everyone reviewing Palin’s perfomance thought her answers sounded more like political Mad Libs than substance.”
    hee hee, Mad Libs.

  17. Also, did you notice that she never answered the question about her Achilles Heel? I wonder if she even knows what the expression means.

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