Well, then.


From Sarah Palin's interview with Katie Couric:

"I have," she said, "one of my absolute best friends for the last 30
years who happens to be gay and I love her dearly. And she is not my
gay friend. She is one of my best friends who happens to have made a
choice that isn't a choice that I would have made

Italics mine.

There may be pundits who will consider this to be a "moderate" or "libertarian" position. Palin remained friends with a person who is gay. Great! But she clearly states that she considers her friend's orientation to be a "choice."

That's not moderate or libertarian. It's simply incorrect. I would even go so far as to say it is ignorant. I do not take this lightly. I remember having a friend who retained a 1983-era understanding of AIDS until about 1989. She had a fear of being in any kind of contact with a person who might be infected. She hadn't heard, I guess, the things that had been learned about the transmission of the disease. Thank goodness, she heard me when I said, "Oh, no, haven't you heard?" and explained what had been learned and publicized, news that she simply did not know, common knowledge she had not absorbed.

Palin is a person for whom "common knowledge" about homosexuality puts it in the choice category. That's not the kind of person I want leading the country, even riding shotgun.

(And on a further editorial note, is it possible that the ENTIRE panel on MSNBC's Morning Joe, including Andrea Mitchell, really agrees with her? They never said they did, but they let the comment lie there and said words to the effect that people should be okay with her thoughts.)

(Pure Luck wants to know why I watch that show. I tell him it's to see what the other side is thinking. Sometimes that can be upsetting.)

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  1. I heard the comment on CBS this morning. They didn’t show Sarah saying the comment but Katy Couric was quoting her, when Couric said the above quote, I was able to pick up on the disdain in her voice. It was clear that Couric is not of the same mind as Palin on sexual orientation.

  2. Oh gosh. And I’m sure she thinks this will help her with the “liberals”.

  3. I think tonight is going to be very interesting, and that I will have lots of new material tomorrow.

  4. I mean, of course, tomorrow night, and new material for Friday. Sorry, I’m blogging on Alaska time. 😉

  5. There is so much wrong with what she said….but I won’t rant here. You said it well.
    We CANNOT let this person get elected.

  6. Unfortunately, most people in this world still think it’s a choice—until you ask them when they “chose” to be heterosexual. Sigh.
    I am still astonished that ANYONE thinks this woman is qualified to be a governor, much less the Vice-President of the U.S., and one heartbeat away from the Oval Office!

  7. I used to watch shows like that, and listen to radio like that too, for the same reason.
    But I found it was too much for my (surprisingly healthy) blood pressure and it just made me spend whole days angry and more snarky than usual.
    So thanks for keeping me updated on what “those people” are saying! 🙂 Somehow it’s much easier to be relatively rational about it when I read you instead of hearing them. (sigh) Probably because of your awesomeness!
    but SP? no awesomeness there. I worry. a lot. about what might happen if they get in the white house….

  8. Hmm. I’ve never been quite sure about biology versus choice in sexual orientation. Most of the studies seem to have been done on men, anyway. I could have gone either way, but I made a series of decisions that took me to where I am. Perhaps that’s just the way it is if you are not on either end of the spectrum. I’ve always thought that if there is an element of choice, then so what? Do we have to prove to the right wing that it’s biological? Because if it isn’t biological then they might have a case? They don’t have a case no matter what.
    Hey, if Palin thinks it’s a choice, that means she thinks that she herself could have chosen otherwise. Now that’s interesting.

  9. I read the Drudge Report and Fix News just so I know how the other side is spinning things. It keeps me motivated and informed and if people want to argue politics I don’t get blindsided.
    I wonder if Palin thinks her friend just needs a deprogramming camp? They could influence her to a different choice. NOT.

  10. You are right. She is incorrect. If she were correct, I would not be in a relationship with another woman. I prayed to be relieved of my love for women for the entire length of my marriage. Thank God, God loved me more than i loved myself, and helped me find a way to be who I truly am.
    Thanks for this post. You are an amazing and loving ally, and I am so grateful for you.

  11. Bad Alice, I hope you will get to read Cecilia’s comment, too.
    I’ll tell you my experience. I’m straight. I’ve always identified that way. Because thinking in the world is so much more open, when I become deeply involved in a friendship with a woman after my divorce and before meeting Pure Luck, I took time to evaluate what that was all about. In the end I realized that my devotion to her had a lot to do with the ways in which she was most like a man, or most like the men I like, I should say, rather than stereotyping all men. In other words, I’m attracted to people who are very different from me, temperamentally; who know a lot about things I find interesting but in which I am not expert; and who generally are a little eccentric. This friend had all those characteristics, and I had a sort of 7th grade crush on her, but ultimately she was not my type, even though at the time I kind of wished she could have been.
    I wish you could all hear the way Ruby laughed when I told her this story, since she knows I have been chasing the boys ever since I could toddle. 🙂 That was not a choice.

  12. Once again her language CHOICE is interesting…so, does she think it’s OK that her friend made that CHOICE? And does she think others should be able to make decisions like that without the government butting in? hmmm…
    I’m with Teri, I can’t watch those shows or I just get all upset. I couldn’t even watch the whole debate. Thanks for informing us!

  13. BA, their “case” is that if it were a choice, it would be a SINFUL choice. Per Teh Bible.
    Not. A. Choice.
    BP is trying to rise. Off to walk around the building once.

  14. After seeing CNN play excerpts from the Couric interview followed by clips of Tina Fey & Amy Poehler’s version of it on SNL, I was shocked to see that probably 75-80% of Fey’s dialog was pretty much verbatim what Palin actually said! And last night when Nightline aired a new bit of Couric and Palin, for a moment I thought Couric was talking to Tina Fey. I mean, what serious political candidate can’t even name the major periodicals they read to stay informed of world events? Vague much?

  15. What does she think about her friend being deprived of the choice to marry someone she loves? Huh?

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