Undeserved Grace Cake

Hurricane Kyle turned to the East. We got a lot of rain, but absolutely no wind. Emergency response people are still at the ready in other parts of the state, and there are rough seas Down East where they will get the wind. There may be some minor flooding in this area, but it really missed us.

So, we have an undeserved Grace Cake. Wish you were here to share a piece.

Undeserved Grace Cake 002

17 thoughts on “Undeserved Grace Cake”

  1. Wish I could have cake, but I have a cold so it would probably be lost on me anyway. At least Maine made the national news; I hope our Down East and Maritime friends escape the hurricane also.


  2. Sherry’s right…it’s all undeserved…which makes the cake taste that much better, right?
    and so glad you are not seeing this storm’s wrath on your doorstep!


  3. Wish I were there …cake a delicious bonus, but really just because I’d love to be with you. Glad you weren’t hit by Kyle – there are enough emotional tumults about the place atm it seems to me, without nature joining in.
    Hugs xxx


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