Not the Best News Ever


The site is taking a coffee break. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I beg your pardon. I do NOT accept the apology!!!

When I clicked on the link to one of my email games, I got the link above. It will not do.

5 thoughts on “Not the Best News Ever”

  1. Scrabulous went bye bye this summer on Facebook. But if you find the Wordscraper application, it is by the same people and is pretty much the same thing. I was disappointed too.

  2. Actually, this is the newer Scrabulous via e-mail that went down overnight. I have three games in progress!!!

  3. I’m not happy about the Scrabulous either and if you go now to the web site – it’s now completely gone – kaput/caput. Not happy at all. I had several games in progress. Booo..

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