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A Small Effort at Frugality

So. It's been a scary week, if you pay attention to the news. We've already been consolidating trips in the car or walking to the store (okay, that's mostly Pure Luck), and I will testify to taking fewer trips to Starbucks and making more coffee at home.

But I'm not working as hard at this as some people are. My RevGal friend, Verde, is taking a pretty ruthless inventory of her life, to see how she would cope with any kind of major disaster.

I've been looking over my shoe collection to see what will get me through the winter. Unfortunately, in my weight-losing, wardrobe-improving shopping of last fall, I wasn't looking ahead to a time when Rheumatoid Arthritis would make my darn toes hurt and I would have to stop wearing heels because of the ouchy, pushing-toes-forward factor. So I am taking my Birkenstock loafers to the shoe repair place (again), although I had planned to retire them, and I am looking over other possibilities for rejuvenation.

I read on an RA website that Crocs are the shoes of choice, and I almost bought a pair, but I remembered, I have some! They have been sitting out by the garage ever since I walked into poo in the backyard while wearing them. We don't want to talk about how long, but let's just say there was snow since then. A lot of snow.

This morning I ventured out into the rain and recovered them, filled the kitchen sink with soapy water, pulled wet leaves out of them, and got to work. (I saw no sign of poo, which seems really weird, but let's credit the snow.)

A little baking soda, a bottle brush, some elbow grease–et voila!!!

I took them into Pure Luck's office and made a little fuss over myself. "I didn't need a new pair, did I?"

"No," he reflected. "These are perfectly croc-ulent."

11 thoughts on “A Small Effort at Frugality”

  1. I wash my crocs in the dishwasher on the top rack. Works great. And they are great shoes for post hurricane activities and climates with afternoon thunderstorms.

  2. Crocs are pretty indestructible. They do fade, but they don’t really wear out easily. I can see why they’d be shoe of choice, what with the wide toe box, and better than flip-flops support.

  3. You might check into investing in a pair of Danskos–not their clogs but their dressier looking shoes. They have wide toe boxes and good suppport which should be helpful for you, I think. And they are really comfy and wear well.
    End of commercial:) Non-profit, I promise.

  4. And, the variety store in Uppity College Town, not far from work, which is, sadly, closing in a couple of months, sells Danskos, and sometimes they have them on sale. Worth checking out.

  5. My rule for shoes: I have to be able to walk 2miles AND run 1 mile in them. Sometimes I have to chase kids who run away.
    Yay! for frugality! I’m proud of you.

  6. Thanks for the link to Verde…I stayed up late last night reading her blog and I suspect I will be returning frequently.

  7. I need to get me some Danskos. Because, rubber shoes at work? doesn’t work so well for me. I have few standards of dress but that is one. (Unless I’m doing a major promo event, and then the heck with them if they can’t take a joke).
    But I love my fake Crocs (they are “NothinZ” and wear them all the time otherwise.
    and I love Pure Luck. He and my husband are punny in the same way. 🙂

  8. I recently had to buy new shows (CPE wiped out my old pair, the sole split) I ended up with some PW Minor mary janes from Zappos. They have a full toe box, are not quite flat, and not too frumpy (for a flat mary jane with a wide toe box. they were not, however inexpensive (sigh). But I have to add orthotics because I have been rounding up all those pounds you’re casting off…

  9. I still have a pair of Birks that I purchased in 1992. They have been re-soled twice, but otherwise are as good as new.

  10. Let me echo the crocs…they were the only shoe I could wear comfortably in the first months after my back injury…amazing how supportive such a soft shoe can be.
    I’ve not been able to get into Dansko’s…most of what I see around here are clogs, which due to an unfortunate tendency to fall off my shoes, I can’t wear. And I find them to be a bit narrow. All those years of running around barefoot are beginning to tell on me. But there are crocs (prima, for ex.) that are a little nicer looking, and totally worth keeping in the office. I confess, I buy them on eBay. I don’t really care much if they’re used, since they last forever–and I can give them a good, aggressive scrub.
    New Balance are also good. PW Minors are orthopedic shoes–Ben gets them with a prescription from his orthopedist–but they’re good. Also, I do well in Clarks and Naturalizer, when I can get wide widths–and they have some fairly stylish flats. I’ll never be able to wear heels again, which is fine with me.

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