Knit Without Ceasing, Rheumatoid Arthritis

Of Knitting and RA

Completed Socks
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The socks are blocked and I really like the way they turned out in this yarn, which is Regia Silk Color. In theory the yarn should be the same from one skein to another, but you can see that what knit up the same way at the top did not stay that way throughout the sock. Light Princess averred that she did not care, they looked fine to her. I was relieved. They are certainly exactly the same length and the same dye lot.

I finished another project, for a Ravelry group scarf swap, but did not have a chance to take a picture before mailing it to the recipient. (Hi, Mary Ellen!)

I find I feel a sense of relief as I finish a project. Knitting has been hit and miss since the RA symptoms appeared in the late winter. Every time I cast on it's an act of faith, a gesture of hope in the future. I have four projects on the needles at the moment: a scarf that is a secret gift for a friend, a sweater for LP, a pair of socks for myself, and a pair of knee socks for LP. I'm switching up the size of needles and the kind of knitting and that seems to make it possible to keep going.

But RA? Unpredictable. Today I have overall achy feelings and rotator cuff pain radiating to my upper arm (and stiff knees, but seriously, they don't interfere with my knitting!). Unless I hear otherwise from the doctor, tomorrow I don't take prednisone, and who knows how that's going to leave me?

A few months ago I contemplated giving away my stash. Now I am beginning to understand that there may be times I can't knit and there may be times I can, just as some days going for a walk is a great lift and other days it's too much.

Six years ago, almost seven, I caught a bizarre virus that ended up damaging one of my vocal cords. It's a joke to give myself the nickname Songbird, because I haven't been much of a singer since then. I miss singing; I still sing along in the car, but I'll never sing in a choir again. And I guess if I couldn't knit anymore, I would learn to live without that, too. But I hope I won't have to. And if I've written about this before, be patient with me. I'm trying to work through this, one stitch at a time.

8 thoughts on “Of Knitting and RA”

  1. I don’t see anything different between the two.
    I think they look awesome. I’m glad you were able to make them.

  2. those are awesome socks!! how could anyone have a bad day wearing hand-knit socks that are that lovely?! ((sb))

  3. Nice socks!
    My mother had RA and was a masterful knitter. There were days that were tougher than others, but she always swore that her knitting kept her hands moving much longer than if she had given it up.

  4. “Some days you knits,
    Some days you frogs,
    And some days you just sits.”
    Yeah for you!! Love these socks!

  5. _Beautiful_ socks. Due to my own lack of handicraft ability, I get misty eyed when I see such an example. What you have shown of your knitting simply rocks! Keep it up as long as possible!

  6. I’ll say a prayer that you can keep on going. As you know, I’m a knitter too, and I would be so depressed if I had to give it up. Sometimes it does bother my carpal tunnel syndrome, and I have to lay off a bit, but then I go back. (I’m not comparing that to the severity of RA, just making conversation.)
    Is that sock pattern online, or did it come from a print source?

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