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Why Block Socks?

KnittinPreacher asked a great question: Why block socks?

The pattern I just finished knitting for Light Princess is called Monkey, and it has a lace pattern. I'm already blocking hers, but I will show you with pictures of another pair why blocking matters for this pattern. It gives you a much nicer texture and makes the pattern more obvious.

Blocking terrified me in the past, but now I am into it! I just blocked a shawl, which I will show here in a picture soon, and I am thinking of blocking the Clapotis I made a couple of years ago, that just isn't quite right, probably because I did not block it.

Here are the Monkey socks I made for Sockapalooza last year, before blocking:

Monkey socks

And here they are after:

Monkey socks after blocking

9 thoughts on “Why Block Socks?”

  1. Behold the power of blocking! I have blocked other stuff before and so get the concept, but have never done it with socks. But for the monkeys — it makes perfect sense! How were they to knit? i tried the potomous ones and they gave me a frightfully bad time so I tend to stick with plain ones. Thuja (on knitty) is one of my favorites – -basically k3p1 for a round and then knot the next row. Great to toss into a bag and knit at meetings.
    Thanks for the pictures.

  2. Oh. Well then, I will block all the stuff I have made. Didn’t realize the difference it makes. Thanks.

  3. Ohhh, one of my parishioners knitted me a pair, almost exactly like yours (mine are more orangey, though). I really love them. They kept my feet warm through four chemos!

  4. I have never made anything that I have needed to block…or at least I didn’t think so! Clearly I was wrong. I’ll mend my ways in future. Or darn them. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  5. I usually block, but I don’t bother if it’s a scarf or something like that.
    I really like your socks.

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