Chez Songbird


Today I, not necessarily in this order:

  • finished a pair of socks and started blocking them
  • got a new camera charger in the mail (mine is lost here somewhere), so expect pictures of the socks soon
  • wrote a bulletin
  • chose hymns
  • made a lot of phone calls
  • had clam chowder for lunch
  • thought about the economy
  • thought about the future
  • thought about the future of the economy
  • talked with an organist I've known for a while
  • enjoyed hearing about stops and pipes
  • met a Corgi named Jack and became fast friends
  • studied this week's scriptures with my friends
  • heard an idea as exciting as water from a rock
  • started my sermon
  • if by starting you mean picking the passages, a title and making a few notes
  • talked to #1 Son
  • got home later than expected
  • arranged for Light Princess' voice lessons to begin next week
  • volunteered at an Obama phone bank
  • used my own cell phone because there were more volunteers than phones
  • saw the mom of one of #1 Son's friends, who did a double take because "you're so skinny!"
  • realized all things are relative
  • bought toilet paper and Tylenol and Ben and Jerry's Half-baked
  • watched last night's episode of "Heroes" with LP and Pure Luck
  • realized they are LP and PL
  • realized "Heroes" is probably too scary for me
  • did not like what happened to Mohinder
  • checked in on the news
  • made this list

And now to bed. I hope I'll be more descriptive tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “Briefly”

  1. I want to hear more about that water-from-a-rock idea. Knowing you, I know it’s got to be good.

  2. Whew, what a day. I was ready for you to climb into bed and fall into a lovely dreamy slumber… :c)

  3. Sounds like a great day. More volunteers than phones! That rocks.
    Also the socks! and many other things. 🙂

  4. Wow… I’m exhausted just reading about this day… and I got home from Presbytery at 10:45….
    Love you!

  5. Hmm.
    Water from a rock could be really exciting: Wow! There’s water coming out of that rock!
    Or really dull: Cripes, this is taking forever. I can’t get any water out of this rock!
    Looking forward to finding out which…

  6. I’m curious about blocking socks. I usually finish them and wear them. Are they lace? Because I have never knit lace socks and I suppose they would need to be blocked….
    Not criticizing, just wondering about method and technique…

  7. You are not the only one for whom Heroes is too scary. Or to put it differently, I found myself bothered by what seemed like sensationalism. I stopped watching halfway through.

  8. how do you have time to do all that? what’s wrong with me???
    I love the socks. have always wanted to knit socks.

  9. I didn’t accomplish this much.
    I think “Heroes” is too scary for me. I wandered away from it on Monday.

  10. I don’t know what it means to block socks. I’ll investigate, and then I can put that on my list of things I did today.
    Just waving and saying hello. Reading daily, and glad to be connected with your life in this minor way.

  11. I’m wondering if Mohinder is going to go into some “Jekyll and Hyde” thing or if he’s just going to continue falling apart.
    One thing’s for sure – Heroes is apparently gunning for Lost’s “Most Fragmented and Confusing Storyline” title. Should be an interesting year.

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