Crazy Busy, I Sing the Body Electric, Rheumatoid Arthritis


Before I got sick, I used to love really long days with lots of meetings.

This was one of those days. I had a lot of, lot of meetings. The first one started at 8:30 a.m. The last one ended at 9:20 p.m. or so. In between there were others, and visits, and other business.

I packed a lunch AND a dinner.

I shared a concern with two friends and received their support and later the problem was resolved to the extent possible for today. (Let's just say the church uses a flawed payroll company, and the flaws always seem to come out in my electronic deposits.)

I got home and sat in Pure Luck's lap.

It was too late to see Light Princess; she was already asleep.

Sam and Molly are taking advantage of my late night to get an extra cookie and trip outside.

I'm still pretty keen on long days, I just know they're not so good for me.

Tomorrow will be shorter.

And I have to conclude that I actually must be feeling better, because I got through this day okay and am doing pretty well. This may mean the miserable I felt over the weekend had to do with prednisone withdrawal. Maybe the methotrexate IS working. I'm hopeful.

11 thoughts on “Hey!”

  1. This is good news, friend.
    Mags, home from a work day that began at 9:30 AM and ended at 10:30 PM.

  2. I’m not a meeting kind of person, makes me wonder why I went into the ministry.
    I admire your great attitude. I’m praying that the med change works out for you.
    Peace and love,

  3. Reminds me of when I was in the military. Meetings, meetings, meetings. I remember one horrible day that went from 7 am until 11 pm–at which time my boss chewed me out for something. At the end of a sixteen hour day. I was not receptive to her very personal criticism.
    I’m glad you are feeling better. It is nice to be doing what you need to be doing without being utterly wiped out.

  4. You sound like the classic extravert! Glad you were feeling up to it. And I’m impressed that you packed TWO meals!

  5. Yay for methotrexate! Yay you for enduring a long day so gracefully.
    Uh, y’all are kinda scaring me though. I’m supposed to go back to work part time and I am not so naive as to think that it will actually be part time for long. But a 12 hour day? Nu-uh. Can’t do it. No way.

  6. I like long days if they are followed by days off or late starts.
    Glad you are feeling better.

  7. Politica takes methotrexate (for lupus) and it has been a wonder drug. Hope it works well for you, too.

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