It might be worse…

As always, when friends are waiting for hurricanes, we whipped up a Grace Cake this afternoon. But because there are only three of us at home, Light Princess and I decided to try making a half recipe version in our 8" square pan. I wondered about the baking time.

I checked it at 20 minutes and could see it was not done.

I let it go to the usual time for a 9 by 13 pan, 25 minutes, opened the oven and discussed the situation with my assistant.

We referred to the instructions.

DO NOT OVERBAKE, they clearly say.

We took it out of the oven.

When we dropped the hot frosting in the middle, it seemed pretty clear from the way the cake roiled like the Ike-influenced Gulf of Mexico that we had made an error in judgment. Still we forged ahead, allowed it to cool and hoped for the best.

We danced around the kitchen.

We did the dishes.

We waited as long as we could stand waiting.

We cut a corner piece.

This cake needed more baking.

We enjoyed the edges, as I posted in a comment at hurricane-hunkering Jody's blog. And as Light Princess said, standing by the counter together eating the corners and edges and laughing at the middle was certainly "bittersweet."

Pure Luck declared the whole thing a "miscake," adding, "It might be worse, but it can't be batter."

"Ohhhhhhh!!!!" we cried. "Ohhhhhh!!!!"

(We're praying for our friends in the Houston area. My grandfather was a little boy when the 1900 hurricane hit, living with his mother in Galveston. They both survived.)

9 thoughts on “It might be worse…”

  1. I made the cake today, too. A 17X12 sheet pan at 20 minutes produced a really good result.

  2. Ohhhhhh! I read this aloud to Petra. We giggled and giggled.
    And a prayer is being said here too.

  3. My full-size cake? Turned out just great. Which is unfortunate, because I seem to think it would be good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! No no no!

  4. Inspired by the fact that Grace Cake is actually a Texas Sheet Cake (which seemed very appropriate for today), and because today is my niece’s birthday and I actually had leftover buttermilk in the house, I decided to make it. I subbed butter for margarine, since I never use margarine. The cake just came out of the oven, and quickly started to settle. The sides are high but the middle sank…..is this a bad sign? Or is it like home made brownies that sink in the middle because they’re so fudgey?
    The frosting is great. I normally whip up my own, so this is a nice alternative. Now I just wish the cake would cool already!!
    BTW – baking in a smaller pan doesn’t alter baking time much. Check the back of a boxed mix sometime. The 8″ and 9″ rounds bake almost as long as 9X13.

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