Out of the Habit

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to fall out of the habit of doing things that are good for you?

For more than a year, walking has been a very important part of my routine. I started walking in May of 2007 as the first step, literally, of an effort to take better care of myself. The onset of Rheumatoid Arthritis made walking harder for a time. In late spring and early summer I had to walk in flip-flops instead of sneakers because my toes were swollen, stiff and sore. But as the summer went along and my condition improved, I made it back into the sneakers and took longer and faster walks again.

Why, oh why, then, did I stop walking a few weeks ago? I could make a list (trip out of town, virus, company, busy, you get the picture), but the most significant reason is I got out of the habit. I took a week off, and that became a second week and nearly a third.

Last night I felt out of sorts, and I said to Pure Luck, "I need a walk around the block." So out the door we went, with a dog on a leash, and we walked around the neighborhood, something we have done many, many times. I know where the low branches will brush his head, which extra block to go around to make the walk a little longer but not too long, which porches have lights we will trigger just by walking past.

It felt good to stretch out, to walk fast, to feel the cool September evening air on my skin.

It felt healthy.

Summer is over, or nearly, and the distractions and joys of summer give way to the responsibilities of fall. How will you take care of yourself in this new season?

5 thoughts on “Out of the Habit”

  1. Also trying to get back into the habit here, so I can relate fully. If I could even commit to three days a week, it would be so much better for my health and spirit. Sigh… praying the motivation will come. Thanks for the inspiration Songbird.

  2. really really relate. this happens to me in the winter. I am walking every day again, but not with the intensity of two summers ago.

  3. Why does it take such a long time to establish a habit and such a short one to dismantle it? Not fair.

  4. I’m so there. It doesn’t help that I had to leave my (bog-filled) tennis shoes behind in Scotland and haven’t had the money or time to replace them yet….(sigh)

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